New strain of CCP virus in Australia

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In the past two days, there has been an outbreak of confirmed cases of new coronavirus in the beach area of ​​northern New South Wales, Australia. As of the time of writing, there have been 28 cases. Confirmed from genetic testing: the virus outbreak came from overseas. Now residents of Sydney and northern beach area are required not to go to hospitals and nursing homes under non-essential conditions, avoid unnecessary gatherings, try to stay at home and avoid high-risk areas such as stadiums and gyms. The Premier of New South Wales emphasized that it is best for all Sydney residents to wear masks in public areas, especially on public transportation. The situation seemed to become tense and serious again.

This is a new round of attacks that broke through the imagination of the people. Although the Whistle Blower Movement and heroic scientist Dr Yan have emphasized and reminded that all countries are facing the second and third wave of outbreaks; people still follow their own wishes and illusions. In other words, they are more likely to feel that everything will always be good soon. Since the outbreak of the CCP virus in Australia with the pandemic worldwide in early 2020, which has attracted global attention, the border has remained closed and relatively restricted. As far as we are in Australia, although the states have been under control from time to time in the middle of 2020, we also hope that by the end of the year, we may finally get good epidemic management. Especially after the very critical epidemic in Victoria State, everyone felt that the worst might have passed. Unexpectedly, this time, the second wave of the epidemic not only returned but also counterattacked with relatively rapid momentum.

Regarding the new outbreak in NSW, the source of the disease was found to be from “overseas”. The author analyzes the new happening as the following:

First, this situation shows that if the virus comes from overseas, it shows that the disease in the world outside Australia is not under control. No matter which region this strain of Covid virus originated from Europe, America, Asia or Africa? All can present that the virus epidemic in the whole world is still developing.

Second, from the source of this virus from overseas, it is evidence that there are many neglected risk links for the entire traveller’s return to Australia. Because, as we all know, returning from overseas now requires test, quarantine and isolation at both departure and arrival. If people from outside Australia still carry undetected viruses after going through these procedures, then, on the one hand, it means that the virus is very concealed. 

Third, from this new strain of virus from outside Australia, we pose our suspicion to it. That is, it has proved the prediction of the heroic female scientist Dr Yan: if CCP still exists, it will release various upgraded versions of viruses or even send out a series of different viruses. Facing the current condition, Australian people have fallen into a new round of panic and tension. It is easy for us to find the images from the media screens that residents of relevant communities in New South Wales are waiting in long queues or driving a long way to get tested. Many people reported that they were very frustrated and helpless; many people arrived at the testing spot but could not be checked on time and had to return home a few hours later. We are closely following this epidemic. 

We hope that Australian people can get quick testing and early feedback. However, according to the Whistle Blower Movement, CCP is evil, it should be responsible for this epidemic. We hope that people in all countries and regions should realize that if CCP keeps its regime in China; the outbreak of the coronavirus will be endless. Only when the CCP is eliminated can all the epidemics of COVID-19 could be finally settled.


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Author:  Xima; Three-Squirrels

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