The recent electricity supply shortage in China

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According to several Chinese news outlets, announcements have been made in different areas such as Zhejiang province, Hunan Province, Jiangxi Province and Inner Mongolia in China, mandating electricity consumption upper limit due to “recent stress from power sectors and electricity shortage”. Specifically, manufacturing processes have been forced to pause; electric heating is also not allowed in government buildings unless temperature is below 3°C (37.4°F). Those “regulations” are effective immediately and will stay effective till the end of this year.

Winter is peak time for HVAC usage. With electricity shortage in such a bleak winter, it’s really difficult for people in those affected areas to get through daily lives.

Misfortunes never come singly. Recently, Russian energy holding company InterRAO announced all of a sudden that it may “greatly reduce or totally cut off electricity supply to China”. Electricity supply by Russia has always been an important energy source for northern part of China, and this sudden announcement happens to occur in a cold December. This is another example showing that contrary to the so called “sino-Russian friendship” that CCP always boasts about, Russia won’t stand with Chinese.

To make matters worse, on top of all of these, CCP government is sanctioning Australia by means of cutting Australian coal import at the exact same time. CCP would like to retaliate Australia by sanctioning because the latter took a tough stance on the CCP. For quite a long time, high quality coal from Australia has been imported to China. But the import ramped down for the past several months and completely dropped to 0 by November 6th, 2020. As a result, CCP government had no choice but to purchase lower quality coals from other countries at a higher price. It will undoubtedly cause more pollution in the environment. Now, even with these low quality coals, there is still significant electricity supply shortage in China. This is another vivid example showing that CCP will never consider the interest of Chinese people because they only consider party’s interests.

Key takeaways: Chinese Communist government is so ambitious that they would like to take over the whole world. It utilizes China’s huge market as leverage to force foreign government to succumb to CCP’s evil desire. But Australia did not bend their knees and is working hard to prevent the further infiltration from CCP. As a result, CCP disregarded the international free trade rules and abruptly stopped importing seven types of goods from Australia, including coal, which contributed greatly to the electricity shortage emergency and is having a terrible impact on numerous people’s daily lives in China.  This shows that CCP is a reckless government which never put people’s welfare first and also never follow international conventions and treaties.


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