Peter Navarro Report – The Immaculate Deception by the Axis of Evil

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Peter Navarro is an American economist and author. He serves in the Trump administration as the Assistant to the President, Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy. More importantly, Navarro is a true patriot. He loves America and he understood earlier than most that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the one existential threat that America and the World faces.

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Navarro’s recent report entitled “The Immaculate Deception: Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities” lays out in great detail the coordinated fraud that was perpetrated by Democrat-aligned forces (Mainstream media, Social media, crooked Politicians, backed by the CCP), ‘the Axis of Evil’, in the 2020 US election. Every US citizen should read the report to strip the veil of naivete from their eyes.

The main thrust of the report is that the coordinated, multi-faceted, consistent and pervasive nature of the fraud across all six swing states is impossible to dismiss on a charge of ‘no evidence’. This report makes it blatantly clear that the charge of no evidence by the Axis of Evil only serves to demonstrate their complicity, ruthlessness and desperation to cover their tracks.

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Those who say there is no fraud or not sufficient fraud to change the outcome want disenfranchised voters to sit down and shut up. They will say that voting procedures were complicated by the Covid-19 epidemic and that the kinks in the procedures can be improved for future elections. Of course, that is a lie. In preparation for the run-off elections in Georgia, the Axis of Evil is doubling-down by intensifying the solicitation of absentee ballots and ballot harvesting efforts.

Peter Navarro’s report is, much like the author, a ‘tour de force’. Navarro appeals to the ideals of empirical evidence, reason, decency, freedom, the continuation of our Republican experiment. These ideals are, sadly, antithetical to post-Modernism and Marxist thought which is now so prevalent in our Universities and has been spread throughout our society on the back of the decades-old CCP infiltration of the last two decades.

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The head of the Axis of Evil is the CCP which has infected the body of all the protagonists mentioned in Navarro’s report: The Democrats, State legislators, Governors, and Attorney Generals (Democratic or Republican), and the various levels of the Judiciary. This infiltration and infection are amply demonstrated and proved by Miles Guo and the Whistleblower Movement with the help of Lude Media and Steve Bannon’s war-room team.

Navarro’s report is an extensive, principled and important work that may, at least, galvanize more public support to demand investigation of the multifaceted election fraud that it outlines. Navarro attempts to appeal to journalists, pundits, and political leaders who are participating in the “Biden Whitewash” to acknowledge the election irregularities and conduct appropriate investigations. However, we cannot expect it to appeal to, or change the tactics of, the perpetrators of the coordinated fraud. They have made a deal with the Devil. Their souls are beyond redemption. There is no decency or reason, or love of freedom left there to which we can appeal. Hoping for the redemption of the Axis of Evil is, once again, falling into the naïve belief that they have a conscience to which we can successfully appeal.

It must now be abundantly clear to us that anybody who can perpetrate a crime of this magnitude is beyond redemption. Instead, America should turn to the allies they have within their borders – the whistleblower Movement led by Miles Guo. They are familiar with the malign strategies of the CCP and the Axis of Evil and have been revealing them to the West for the last three years. To defeat the Axis align with the enemy of your enemy.

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Instead, the Axis obscenely claims that it is the remaining patriotic Republicans and ‘deplorables’ who are threatening democracy and the ideal of freedom. This is a typical Alinsky and CCP strategy which needs to be dismissed and ignored. Decent and honest people do not hide evidence, do not obstruct and intimidate legal poll watchers, do not prevent investigations, do not censor discussions of the events from their Newspapers, broadcasts, and Social Media pages, do not operate in the dead of night to subvert voting procedures, do not malign those who reasonably ask for protections of their Constitutional rights.

The perpetrators know exactly what they have done. They are already doubling down on these tactics in the Georgia run-off elections planned for January 5th. They are playing for all the marbles and they mean to win at any cost – freedom and the republic be damned. This is unrestricted warfare learned from their CCP masters, and they are pulling out all the stops to gain the power they crave.

This report will not stop them. It is up to Americans of faith, who love freedom more than power and possessions, to defeat them – by force if necessary. This is nothing less than the end of the line for democracy and freedom as we know it if they succeed. North America will sink into the abyss of CCP influence and it will also be the end of hope for the Chinese people to ever end the tyranny of the CCP.

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There are no words too harsh to describe the peril the World faces if this revolutionary attempt to take down the US Republic is successful. This is our modern-day ‘Waterloo’. Half of the American voters are shocked to see how drastically and rapidly their electoral system descended into chaos. The rest of our freedoms will be easily eroded once the democratic mechanism is destroyed. We need only look as far as Hong Kong to see the results of CCP control.


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