Report says election results rigged by dominion voting system

Author: Faye

Investigations has uncovered more evidence for voter fraud, after Wisconsin State Judge Kevin Elsenheimer ordered a forensic audit of the vote tabulation that had been conducted by Dominion Voting Systems. The audit report discovered an astounding 68% error rate in votes casted in Antrim County, Michigan. It concluded that the proclaimed glitches are not human errors, but part of a ballot stealing plot. The plot was meticulously planned by manipulating the dominion software system, because it was intentionally designed to produce inherent errors that lead to an overwhelming ” Biden Win”. 

A dominion contractor revealed that the voting machines at Detroit TCF center were connected to the Internet and disclosed technology details involved in rigging network security· “ All the tabulator computers were connected via Ethernet cables to a network router. And that router, in turn, was connected to another router that was connected to the adjudicators. Those were connected to another router/firewall which was connected to the internet, which was connected to the local data center”

Another contractor said she was provided with information on how the voting machines were connected to the Internet.

Dominion systems are used across Michigan and in as many as 30 states, it is suspected the election transparency and integrity have become a nationwide issue.


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