The true reasons behind power blackouts inside China

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According to a Sohu article (CCP media outlet), the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government have introduced special rules to limit power supply in Hunan and Zhejiang provinces.

The official reason (or lies) provided by the CCP is that:

  • Lie #1: Foreign companies were shut down due to the Covid-19 (CCP virus) pandemic, hence a large number of energy-intensive orders were transferred to Chinese companies before Christmas and New Year. These domestic enterprises need more power for their production.
  • Lie #2: The government wanted to reduce coal power and coal use to improve air quality.
  • Lie #3: The CCP said Russia was restricting power transmission to the China. This is clearly blame shifting, the truth is Russian only supplied a small proportion of China’s power therefore any Russia’s decision has minimal impact.

The true reason for the limited power supply is that the Australian government and the allies of the United States have jointly exposed the truth of the CCP virus pandemic .The CCP regime wanted to sanction Australia and stop importing high-quality coal from Australia. 

As China’s power supply relies heavily on coal thermal power, the reduced coal import from Australia restricts the power generation by Chinese coal plants, therefore there is a need for ‘special rules’ to justify reduced power supply. 

Every media outlets in China are propaganda machines of the CCP, their news stories should be taken with a grain of salt, oftentimes the truth is exactly opposite to what was reported. 

The CCP regime are brainwashing and cheating their own people and completely ignore the life and death of the “leek” (ordinary Chinese people), such as whether they suffer without sufficient heating in the cold winter.

To all Chinese patriots: Have faith that the CCP is moving closer to its dead bed.  What is important for us, is how we can survive in the event of a hot war between the free world with the CCP, while also dealing with the current pandemic, food shortage, and inflation. How do we make the world understand the difference between the CCP and the good hardworking Chinese people, so that we can avoid any potential rejection and hostility towards the Chinese people?


Author: Albus

Translation: 文子

Editor: XO酱

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