Bombshell!!! Patrick Byrne Reveals The Real Story Behind Hillary, Obama; The Russian Collusion Hoax

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Patrick Byrne, the former CEO of, was interviewed and revealed shocking news:

  1. In 2016, the FBI approached me and asked me to arrange for Hillary Clinton to accept bribes from the government of a certain country. The amount of bribes was 18 million U.S. dollars, which Hillary Clinton accepted. Prior to this, she had received 20 million U.S. dollars in bribes from Turkey. Barr knew.
  2. Three days after the bribery was completed, the FBI asked him to forget all of this, because the person above decided that Hillary will win the election, and she will arrange her own person into the FBI, so this thing is suppressed first.
  3. Later, the FBI told him that Obama had arranged his own personnel throughout the federal bureaucracy, especially the Ministry of Justice. If Hillary is a good girl, such as continuing the Ouji health insurance policy, then the fire will not burn, otherwise she will get into big trouble. In short, Obama could control Hillary for eight years with this trick, and then he switched to Michelle. This operation is called Operation Snowglobe. The bribe I gave Hillary was the bait for this project to get Hillary in.
  4. In October 2018, a federal agent came to him again and they said, Patrick, we are talking about billions of dollars here, and you will have a share, as long as you remain calm and silent in the 2020 election. So from October 2018, I knew they were going to kidnap this election.

Patrick Byrne stated that he has been waiting for an opportunity to make this matter public so that people can understand what has happened over the past four years.

He finally said that although everyone said it was impossible, he believed that the president on January 21 was Trump. But if not, I understand China and can speak Chinese. After the Cultural Revolution in 1983-84 in China, these will come to the United States after the election. This will be our last real election, just like Venezuela. Even smartmatic has come to the United States to control our elections and become one of our two main election tools. This system is to make Venezuela have no real elections for 20 years, and the people are starving, but the ruling party still continues to rule. This system is the core.

Patrick Byrne revealed to the public before the U.S. election that he had noticed that the Dominion electronic voting machine could be used to conduct election fraud, especially in swing states. So he formed a team very early to supervise the election, and soon after the election he publicly stated that 100% of the US election was rigged and the CCP intervened.

Interview video:

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