12/17/2020 Financial News: Alibaba helps Communist China track Muslims

Image source: https://foreignpolicy.com/

1.As Communist China tracked Muslims, Alibaba showed customers how they could, too

Alibaba website for its cloud computing business showed how clients could use its software to detect the faces of Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities within images and videos, according to pages on the site that were discovered by the surveillance industry publication IPVM and shared with the New York Times.


2.Weibo VIP spreads hateful messages about United States

On Dec 16, a Weibo VIP user said: “When the number of Covid-19 cases in US has exceeded 10 million, what does US intend to do by requesting to increase the number of China-US flights to 100? Is it to let the world bury with itself? It’s learned that some US soldiers in Okinawa, Japan were also found to be carrying the coronavirus. Why have the US soldiers not undergone a Covid-19 test before entering Japan? What is even worse is that when the local health department in Japan requested those soldiers to be quarantined, their requests were rejected by US.”


3.Communist China helps Pakistan pay its $2.5 billion debts

According to news from the Economic and Commercial Section of the Chinese Consulate General in Karachi, Communist China plan to provide another $1.5 billion loan to Pakistan via the bilateral currency swap agreement (CSA) between China and Pakistan. Plus $1 billion lent early this year, it is $2.5 billion in total to help Pakistan avoid financial collapse caused by repaying Saudi Arabia’s due loans.


4.The truth behind electricity restriction and production halt revealed

On Dec 17, a tweet account named Financial Truth with 187.8K followers revealed that the reason behind recent electricity restriction and production halt comes from Communist China’s government intervention to bring coal price up by reducing domestic coal production and overseas import, aiming to avoid debt default blowout of state-run coal companies.

By [Financial Team – Wendy]

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