[News Ahead] China to Buy at Least 100 Million Doses of Pfizer Vaccine

Author: Seven Star; Contributor: Villager

According to Breitbart news, Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group announced Wednesday that it had signed a deal with BioNTech to purchase at least 100 million doses of coronavirus vaccine it had developed with Pfizer – the first vaccine approved under Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA. The vaccines would be made in Germany, not America, given the direct deal with the German company BioNTech.

Shanghai Fosun co-owns Sinopharm Group with the communist party government of China, a company developing its own coronavirus vaccine. The Sinopharm vaccine candidate is claimed to be about 86 percent effective based on early data, however Pfizer and BioNTech have reported their vaccine was 95 percent effective.  It’s worth noting that both efficacy numbers are very preliminary, and may be very different in larger testing population. 

Mass importing of a vaccine suggests that the Chinese government is not confident with its domestic options. In addition to Sinopharm, the Chinese company Sinovac is testing its vaccine candidate currently in Brazil. However the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency does not trust the vaccine for lack of evidence provided the communist party government of China. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro also vocally opposed importing any Chinese vaccine candidates or mandating citizens to take them.

The head of China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Gao Fu, once said to the public, “Pfizer and Moderna said their vaccines were very effective, but please trust me, the Chinese vaccines are very effective, too.” However, as the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency stated, the Chinese criteria for giving its vaccines emergency use authorization were not transparent. Its logical to remain suspicious about the efficacy self-claimed by the communist party government of China. 

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