【Declassified】The Real Northeast Field Army and the People’s Liberation War

— Why did the population of the Northeast falled from 53 million in 1947 to 34 million in 1949?

Author: William | Editor: Yi Zu
Translator: Ping | Proofread: Cheli

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At the end of World War II, the former Soviet army entered northeastern China on a large scale, wiping out the Japanese Kwantung Army and looting the wealth created by the decades of Japanese presence in the northeast. Under Stalin’s strategy, the Northeast became a territory of the new CCP regime. More than 100,000 CCP personnel entered the Northeast, and by 1948, they had become a million mighty army.

Perhaps people are still stuck in the heroic people’s war propaganda of CCP, but unfortunately, CCP army during the so-called Liberation War was not loved by the whole country. In fact, the people only have hatred for this army and regime, and CCP was not an army supported by the people, and the so-called victory of the Liberation War through the support of the people was completely false and nonsense.

CCP hasn’t ever won the support of the people, not even the peasants’, from the day it was born; it has been all mere propaganda.

Then why did the mighty Northeast Field Army emerge? Why did the CCP become an army with millions of people in three years? In fact, the answer can be obtained by using one’s brain. We know that the original controller of northeast China was the Japanese Kwantung Army, and the Soviet became the actual controller of the Northeast after the Soviet eliminated it. The order for CCP army to enter the Northeast was issued by Stalin of the Soviet Union. The order required CCP to establish a communist regime in the Northeast. The situation that the Chinese Nationalist Party army was encircled in several cities in the Northeast was not a management problem, but a result of being eroded by the Soviet army. The Soviet army opened the way and eliminated the Chinese Nationalist Party army, and then transferred the territory to CCP.

All the official propaganda told only of the presence of CCP and Chinese Nationalist Party army in the Northeast, but completely avoided another fact: that the Soviet army did not withdraw after they took over the Northeast in 1945, but only after the liberation in 1953. If analyzed in terms of strength, the CCP as a whole is not an opponent of the Chinese Nationalist Party army at all.

The official propaganda was that CCP had over 100,000 soldiers entering the country, while the Chinese Nationalist Party had hundreds of thousands of elite soldiers at the time, far more than CCP. Under the conditions at the time, it was very easy to destroy the CCP, so why did the Chinese Nationalist Party army not do so? Because there was a problem here, the Soviet army.

CCP continued its traditional policy of oppressive terror against northeastern China, where those who refused to accept CCP’s rule were viewed as people who are counter-revolutionaries and would be executed. It is not known how many people were brutally murdered in the Northeast between 1945 and 1949.

What can be basically known is that after the end of the war against Japan, peace had been restored to the country and the people had started to build the country again. No one wanted war, so objectively anti-war was dominant. But the support for CCP was in fact support for the war. So CCP in the Northeast could only take violent coercion, intimidation and kidnapping to force the people to join the war.

It was under the joint persecution of the Soviet Union and the CCP that the Northeast Slaughter under the Red Terror was brought, and the people were forced to accept CCP’s oppression like slaves. A Northeast Field Army, with the Soviet army as the main body and the Soviet military advisers as the head, whitewashed by CCP, entered the stage of history. This Northeast Field Army, with the elite land, air, armour and artillery units of the Soviet Union as its core and the CCP army on the outside, claimed to be the million soldiers, appeared on the battlefield of the Northeast.

How did CCP and the Soviet army use brutal tactics to force the people of the Northeast to accept CCP’s rule? We learn this through two details that have been made public: one is that Lin Biao’s forces entered after the Liao-Shen Campaign but left behind an over half a million soldiers army in the Northeast, and the other is the appellation of the Great Northern Wilderness.

It can be said that after the Soviet army destroyed the Japanese Kwantung Army and the liberation of the Northeast, a large number of residents of the former Northeast began to return home on a large scale, resulting in an extraordinary rush of emigration between 1945 and 1946.

In 1947, the population of the Northeast was already as high as nearly 53 million. At that time, the richest region in the country was not the Jiangnan, but the Northeast, as it had become a modern region with factories, railway transportation and agriculture after years of construction by the Japanese.

To use modern economic data, the GDP of the Northeast at that time accounted for more than 80% of the country’s GDP. And even now, many Northeastern industries still use technology left over from the days of Japan. Coupled with the Northeast’s rich strategic resources, it could be said that the take-over of the Northeast was the take-over of all of China. Therefore, the advantage of a million Soviet soldiers’ army and over a million CCP soldiers’ army against nearly 700,000 soldiers of Chinese Nationalist Party army from all levels, even with three main forces of Chinese Nationalist Party’s, the advantages can be imagined.

It is important to understand that at the time the Chinese Nationalist Party government and the Soviet Union were in diplomatic relations between states. And the Soviet Union supported the CCP forces, which in the CCP’s own words is that this meant supporting anti-government forces and attempting to subvert the government. Many of the businesses in the Northeast were privately owned at the time, but by 1948 almost all of them had become government-owned, which meant being confiscated. 

After 1953, CCP began to promote the development of the Great Northern Wilderness, meaning that in the nine years between 1945 and 1953, or four years between 1945 and 1949 to be exact, China’s most developed region was instead transformed into the Wilderness. It is important to note that this refers to the Great Northern Wilderness not to reclaim land, but to attract immigrants to the Northeast in the name of opening up the land. Because by 1949 the population of the Northeast had fallen to just over 34 million people.

More explicitly, the Northeast was turned into a hell on Earth under the brutal suppression of CCP and the Soviet army. Large numbers of people and former regime personnel were slaughtered or fled, and about 20 million people died, which is how the Great Northern Wilderness came to be. In the famous buried Northeast Massacre, troops from the Northeast Field Army were stationed in large numbers in the Northeast in order to stabilise the regime after the Liao-Shen Campaign, and Soviet troops were stationed at the same time. What we now understand the so-called suppression of bandits was actually prevention the rebellion. Back then, although the Northeast was under Japanese colonial rule, many Northeasterners gradually accepted the democratic ideas imported from Japan and had a strong rejection of Communist totalitarianism, so the repressive massacres and persecution by CCP and the Soviet troops in the Northeast actually lasted until 1953, when the Northeast had gradually stabilised and have lost its former glory.

With the later campaigns of Three-antis, Five-antis and Cultural Revolution, the Northeast was completely reduced to an ordinary province, and those who experienced the massacre of CCP’s and the Soviet Union’s entry into China gradually disappeared. And it is a sad fact for modern China that the Northeast has become the worst economic region in China today.

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