Fears Over the Safety of Chinese Coronavirus Vaccines and Chinese Threat

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Fears over the safety of Chinese coronavirus vaccines and Chinese threat

News 1: Fears over the safety of Chinese coronavirus vaccines


  • China has already vaccinated more than a million people, even though its experimental vaccines have yet to be proven to work — or be safe.
  • Initially, the Chinese vaccine was given to employees of State-owned enterprises, which were being sent abroad and frontline healthcare workers; In October, clinics in one province began allowing people to register and receive an unapproved vaccine of £46 for a couple of doses.
  • China has been doing all this without official regulatory approval. Chinese companies have not released any data on their vaccines’ safety or efficacy.
  • The three vaccine candidates are Sinovac Biotech, Sinopharm, and another vaccine approved for use by the military.
  • Sinopharm said last month that nearly one million people had taken of its experimental vaccines; it told no severe adverse reaction had been reported.


  1. Through Mr. Miles Kwok’s and Lude Media’s revelation, we understand that when the CCP decided to release the lab-made virus to cause the global pandemic, they already planned to policed the vaccines when the time comes.
  2. CCP, the dictator doesn’t need sufficient scientific data to back their decision on the vaccine’s emergency use for public health. CCP, the party’s interests are higher than people’s health.
  3. All CCP senior officials have been taking HCQ safely to prevent catching the virus, but they let their people be the guinea pigs.
  4. No track record of any successful vaccines has ever been developed by a Chinese company; the CCP now widely promotes their vaccine domestically and internationally. This has made experts cautioned and feared.
  5. The CCP Virus has killed over 1.6 million people now; the unsafe Chinese vaccine could become another silent killing tool! As Dr. Li Meng Yan told the world, “We don’t have much life left,” taking down the CCP is the only answer to make the world safe again!!

News 2: IAIN DUNCAN SMITH: With hopeless naivety, big business and universities have failed to understand that China is out to destroy our way of life


The British Conservative party politician Sir Iain Duncan Smith wrote on Sunday:

  • The CCP demands secrecy, cunning, and utterly ruthless discipline from its millions of members. Notoriously secretive, its authority is absolute.
  • The Mail on Sunday’s investigation shows that CCP influence is spreading worldwide, with members working for some of the world’s most important multinational corporations, academic institutions, and even in the U.K. own diplomatic services.
  • Companies such as Boeing, Airbus, Thales, and Rolls-Royce, other vital firms such as Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and GlaxoSmithKline, collectively employ hundreds of Chinese Communists.
  • Then there is the matter of academics in the U.K.Some CCP members are studying among the most sensitive subjects at our universities.
  • Most troubling of all is the discovery that we employed lifelong members of the Chinese Communist Party in one of the most sensitive facilities in the U.K. diplomatic network, the consulate in Shanghai.
  • There is a common theme of naivety running through our companies, universities, and government officials. We have failed to recognize that at the core of China’s system is a system of ideas and values that not only runs contrary to ours but seeks to overcome it. The interests of the Communist Party come first.
  • We have been prepared to turn a blind eye to CCP’s infiltration in our nation for so long.


  1. During the so-called Golden Era, U.K. welcomed China, believing – wrongly – that China would open up its economy and that Chinese investment would bring welcome growth, investment, and prosperity to the U.K. Today, CCP’s hidden hands and network in the west have been finally exposed to light, U.K. and western democratic countries have yet wakened up.
  2. As the U.S. cleans up the CCP’s network and its members in the USA, I am sure the U.K. is catching up. Recently leaked overseas 2 million CCP members paper, is such a good base for U.K. and western counties.
  3. The CCP members are becoming a disgusting group in the eyes of democracy. We can foresee the CCP ending day is near! It will be the same end as the Nazis!

News 3: Australia’s biggest allies plot fightback against China in response to brutal trade war – with the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand considering slapping their own sanctions on Beijing to teach it a lesson


  • Australia’s Five Eyes alliances could hit back against China in the trade war.
  • Nations include New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
  • Countries in talks about how to respond to China’s sanctions on Aussie exports
  • The expert believes the response to trade sanctions to be similar to NATO’s Article 5
  • It comes after China aimed at the Australian wine industry with a 212 percent tariff
  • • Nations such as New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States could join forces with Australia and hit back at Beijing by imposing their retaliatory sanctions on Chinese goods and produce.
  • Five Eyes nations are reportedly in preliminary discussions on how to respond to China’s sanctions, with one source describing cooperation within the alliance as ‘off the charts at the moment,’ NewsCorp reported.
  • There are several strategies as to how Five Eyes could hit back at China. One option is that all five nations impose their sanctions on Chinese goods, produce, and services. Another would be for Australia to respond with retaliatory tariffs on products from Beijing. The four allied nations showed their support by refusing to make up the shortfall in Chinese exports. There’s also growing talk Japan could join and be part of a new Six Eyes alliance.


  1. It is sad to see both Australian and Chinese business people are suffering from this trading war.
  2. CCP has been using 1.4 billion people, the biggest consuming market, as their bullying tactic to do business internationally. The western countries and the Five Eyes alliances are now get together to say No to CCP China’s bullying behavior.
  3. International trade should be made under the international trade rules; it should be a win-win deal and friendly deal base on the same moral ground. Taking the Brexit deal as an example, it is a very tough negotiation because both parties need to protect their own country’s interests; both parties can fight hard on the negotiating table, but the deal can be done with given and take principal. Bullying a country into a trade deal, you may have success once or twice, but you will lose the business partner for the long run. This is precisely the case CCP China is doing.
  4. Imagine one day without the CCP’s ruling, the new Federal State of China will trade and engage with other countries friendly and peacefully under world trade regulations. What a happy and prosperous world it would be!

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