Miles Guo: The 15th Is Truly the Beginning of Something Really Ironic

The Dec. 15th Is Truly the Beginning of Something Ironic

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In the video published on Getter on December 15, 2020, Miles Guo believes that the US election has entered a new stage, a truly ironic stage. The information exposed by the Whistleblower Movement in the past three years has been verified every time. As both McConnell and the President of Mexico send congratulatory messages to Biden, President Trump will have fewer and fewer choices, perhaps only the last choice.

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Dear brothers-in-arms, it’s the 15th. Oh, my! Isn’t the 15th awesome? Look at this morning, one of President Trump’s best friends, the President of Mexico called Biden and congratulated him for being elected. Then, you saw that Senate Leader Mitch McConnell announced his congratulations to Biden and Harris for being elected. Is it awesome? Brothers and sisters, is this the same as what I said before? What I said has been fulfilled: “Biden will possibly announce that he is elected as president on the 15th”, right? Why is what I guess so casually always turned out be right? What can I do, brothers and sisters?

But next, brothers and sisters, you will see the real beginning of what is ironic. It’s a different stage. Today is truly the beginning of something ironic, really ironic. So, we have said this in the very beginning: It is a process. We will see how much wisdom and how much bravery President Trump possesses. He has only two paths [in front of him], two paths I believe. Soon, he will have only one path left, and America will eventually have only one path.

Brothers and sisters, anyone who has been following the Whistleblower Movement for 3 years would understand this: what we have exposed and what we have said in the past few years have all been proved one by one, with no exception, brothers-in-arms. Has anything not been verified? So, brothers and sisters…look at the sunshine, you look at the sunshine, wow!

So, brothers and sisters, today is a big day, the 15th. Hope that this whole series of ironic things will help America to realize how powerful the CCP is in the U.S. This is exactly like what Miles has been saying the whole time: America will be either ruled by the CCP or take down the CCP completely. Today, there will be more Americans to realize this point. Our Whistleblower Movement should not worry for the Americans; we should do our own things right. Taking down the CCP will not be possible without your help. Use you fingers, brothers and sisters. Everything is just the beginning. I will not do live broadcasts today.


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1 year ago

love ya Miles but I’m losing faith 😉 I fee like your flip-flopping.