CCP Virus Crisis Shatters “Chinese Dream”

Himalaya Moscow Katyusha (RU)  YinHe

Xi Jinping, the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC), came out his political slogan “Chinese dream” since him took over the reins in 2012, whom set the eyes on making China becomes a world superpower.

Xi explained the dream as “Chinese nation’s rejuvenation” , and explored the way to achieve the great dream was take the road of socialism with Chinese characteristic, foster the Chinese spirit in patriotism and reform and innovation to unite 1.3 billion people into a great source of strength. [1]

In the past decade, the world rubs its eyes in astonishment of China’s rising power and rapid growth. However, they found out that the “Chinese dream” was a departure from civil liberties. In China, the previously hard-won liberties, even in the media, were again being scaled back. Unfortunately, the world stayed detached as to take national interest first.

The CCP virus, force into a sweeping change, it woke up the world to reestimate Xi’s “Chinese dream” and realized the real side of Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

When the new strain of coronavirus broke out in Jan 2019 in Wuhan. Efforts to stem the pandemic have squeezed local economies across the nation. Chinese GDP has shrunk in the first two quarters of 2019, it’s in a record decline caused by the covid-19 (CCP virus) lockdown. But then it made a sharp U-turn and returned to growth in the 3rd quarter, it ratcheted up by the mainly contribution of pandemic-related products exports. Even the BBC News commented, China became the first country to reopen, has a head start on recovery, “has done remarkably well”.

The game changed until Dr. Li Mengyan, a Chinese virologist stepped out into the public eyes. Her explosive claim astounded the world—-she showed scientific evidence to prove that COVID-19 (CCP virus) was human-made virus in a Wuhan lab which owned by CCP military. The CCP put tremendous efforts to conceal the original source and covered up human to human spread which led a global pandemic. The world was confronted by CCP bioweapon virus and the only way to stop the pandemic was to overthrow the CCP regime.

Date back to the CCP virus outbreak in January 2020, the CCP finally signed the phase-I trade deal with President Trump which has a hard hit to Chinese economy. The CCP virus apparently put off the agreement execution, and Chinese medical device exports (including face masks) soared and contributed to an economic uptick.

The Chinese Communist Party, who intends to emerge as a global superpower to control the world, is not in favor of a direct confrontation with the US. Instead, CCP initiated an unlimited war with bioweapon virus. As of today, 73.4 million infections and 1.6 million deaths across the world in this pandemic. It’s no doubt that the CCP has to take fully accountability.

Many countries turned to start economic sanctions against the CCP, the economic devastation is imperiling “Chinese Dream” aspirations. Even worse, the world will turn out to the hurting of the CCP regime.



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