Condensed Summary of the Mr. Mask Show (12/15/2020)

Translated by Himalaya CT-KY
Edited by Himalaya CT-64 Himalaya, Himalaya CT-Antsee-GTV
Proofreading and revised by -Freeearth
Editor: Himalaya CT- V

Dear comrades in arms, everyone, I’m Mr. MaskDear comrades, 

1. Did you watch it yesterday? There are too many recent events. After listening to Mr. Guo’s live broadcast today, I believe that my comrades will have a higher understanding of what happened. All major events are directed toward one goal: Take Down The CCP. The song of the same name “Take Down The CCP” released by Miles Guo will also be heard all over the world, because the best way to save the greatest challenge for all mankind has encountered is that Miles Guo said three years ago: Take Down The CCP, kill Communist Party! Every time I listen to Mr. Guo’s music, I am very being touched and excited. This song fits the theme of today’s show very well. In addition, every time I heard Miles Guo sing the song “Mom”, I would cry. My comrades in arms, some people sing for money, some sing for profit, and some sing for so-called eroticism. But, there is only one person in all mankind who sings to destroy communism. This is the voice from the heart, and it has the most beautiful melody, because it is so real. The evil dynasties under the CCP are all red songs. We will sing songs from our hearts. Only truth can be closer to the art from heart. For the faith in his heart and for the sake of 1.4 billion compatriots and the entire world, Miles Guo has lost his mother. Therefore, the respected Mr. Guo is not only our comrade-in-arms, but also the child of eliminating of CCP. Selflessness, beneficial to others, this is the Whistleblower Movement!

2. When the social media and networks around the world are temporarily paralyzed due to the conflict and collision between the United States and CCP, only our GTV, GNEWS are not affected. The strength of our G series is not only due to President Trump’s 230 bill, but more importantly, it depends on our strength. In recent years, in order to enter the Chinese market, all major social media platforms have smashed their heads to be the grandson of CCP in order to benefit and blend with CCP, help CCP tell lies, and help CCP kill the United States. Our G series tells the world that we also want to let the big market of China join, but we are not relying on blending with CCP, we rely on truth, strength and altruism. To provide all people in the world (not just Chinese compatriots) with the most authentic and effective information that can help you avoid disasters, avoid dangers, shelter, and save lives.

3. There is news that President Trump will pardon Assange. As the founder of WikiLeaks, Assange has released a considerable number of classified documents. He said that the number of classified documents released by WikiLeaks exceeds the sum of other news media in the world. He said: A team of 5 people has released more confidential documents than other media combined. This is a shame for the media industry. The realization of a fair social civilization is the driving force behind what they do. “Transparency and openness” is a sign of a fair society and civilization. Many of his materials are related to the U.S. military, so he is definitely the nuclear bomb of this world, and he can affect U.S. politics. Which departments issued the orders for Assange? The previous administrations of President Trump all urgently wanted to kill Assange. Why? In April 2019, Miles Guo broke the news that Assange’s arrest was the beginning of another political peak for President Trump. At the same time, Miles Guo said that all results will be revealed in the 2020 election.

4. In recent years, the contest between the two parties and the interest groups behind the two parties, and the problems in the United States have all erupted before the 2020 election. In the past seventy years, the initiator of CCP has not only brought disasters to the Chinese people, but also poverty. It has committed heinous crimes to the Chinese people and threatened the world. The BGY and threats to all countries along One Belt and One Road. 3F and BGY to the United States. All of these accounts will also be completely settled in the 2020 election. At this most critical turning point, there was the Whistleblower Movement, which has done things that many countries and governments have not done. In the face of unprecedented “crisis opportunities”, Miles Guo led the Whistleblower Movement and seized the greatest opportunity. The billions of empires being built by the G series are based on Miles Guo’s overall context of world politics, finance and the future development direction of the world Grasp and strength in all aspects. “Follow the bees to find the flowers, and roll the dung ball with the dung sheller.” Dear comrades-in-arms, the era of CCP’s feces is completely over, and our era of “honey and flowers” has arrived.

5. In the live broadcast on December 14th, Mr. Guo said: The mystery that GOOGLE YOUTUBE all disconnected last night will be revealed on GTV in the future, and the truth will exceed the imagination of comrades-in-arms. The operation to overthrow the CCP firewall had already begun a few hours ago. Only GTV operates smoothly when all the Internet is disconnected in the world. Back-end data shows that all domestic and foreign comrades boarded GTV explosively, and GTV performed stably. After overthrowing the CCP firewall, the G series will show the world the power of the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal States of China. Not only courage, wisdom, and inner justice, but more importantly, the grasp of the world situation and self-control. There is no practical effect if there is only conscience, only faith, hiding in the heart not into action, and not turning wisdom into action. In addition, Miles Guo once again reminded his comrades that darkness has arrived, and the Chinese people must be prepared for the good days to be gone. The war is already at home. The house, and the car are worthless and even cumbersome. All the information seen and heard is false.

AttorneyLin Wood also tweeted to prepare the American people for doomsday supplies, which also indicates that it is likely that there will be an all-round comprehensive warfare of cyber warfare and space war due to the contest between the two sides. The specific details will be revealed exclusively in GTV and GNEWS to give future comrades a reference for their actions.

6. In March and April 2020, Mr. Guo said that the five major organizations and the seven major institutions have made a decision. He said that the five organizations and the seven institutions represent different forces, and that different forces represent the absolute strength of the United States, that is, the strength of the swamp. At that time, Miles Guo suggested that the first way to eliminate CCP was breaking down the firewall. Then yesterday’s disconnection incident was not accidental. Next, everyone will see that the all-round battle between the United States and CCP has been fully launched, and there is only a final word because the election has not yet settled. However, CCP will definitely hope that through its remaining power in the United States, so it can continue to linger and delay time or take extreme measures such as relocating targets to Taiwan. So, important things may happen at anytime, but the outcome is set. All strong forces are combined; and old accounts will be calculated together. Through the few words that Miles Guo accidentally revealed, we can know the combination of the New Federal States of China and the real marshland power of the United States, as well as the strength of the G series and their connection. The New Federal States of China shares common interests with the most important people and organizations in the United States. This is something that no one else can talk about because they have no chance to talk to these forces. It will be in their interests to destroy the Communist Party, because CCP brings fear and darkness to mankind around the world. All the grievances and contradictions in this world will be resolved at this point in the 2020 general election. The alligators in the swamps, the power of the swamps, the big fish of the military and intelligence agencies, the silent power of CCP, the killer of CCP, media warfare, information warfare, virus…This is the meaning of the ultimate battle.

7. In April 2019, Miles Guo said in a video that “Assange’s arrest will be the beginning of President Trump’s move to another political peak.” At that time, Miles Guo said that the United States will change completely. Now it is almost 2021. Do you think the United States will change? The United States has already turned the world upside down. This is the reason why our Whistleblower Movement is confident, and that’s why all our compatriots will embrace the G series in the future, and the world will embrace it. Why? Because what we bring to the world is truth, conscience, and altruism. The information we deliver is valuable. We serve justice. Which so-called big technology company dare to come out and say that? I am also casually confused; President Trump can go to other social media, why can’t he come to Getter? The 230 bill is definitely just the first step. Next, my comrades-in-arms, you can see unimaginable actions, so be prepared.

8. In eliminating CCP, President Trump and the United States are prepared, but they really did not expect that CCP would make such a move. The election has been delayed for so long, which is absolutely unexpected. The so-called general ledger calculation, the United States is now calculating the general ledger with these CCP’s BGY? This group of grandsons cooperated with CCP to make America like this. Aren’t they America’s traitors? Apart from Miles Guo, the Whistleblower Movement, GNEWS and GTV, where can you find these truths in the world? Who could have such a certainty of the world situation a year or two ago? Now, let’s look back at the revelations of 717, 818, and 919 that year, the accounts of those illegitimate children, and the seizure of the assets of national thieves that the United States is about to adopt today. Is there any connection between Miles Guo’s withdrawal of money from the air? After eliminating CCP, who can represent the people of new China? Only the New Federal States of China and the Whistleblower Movement. Everything has already begun.

9. Secretary Pompeo mentioned in his speech today: CCP is the greatest threat to the safety of the American people, and it is also the greatest threat to the safety of every people in the free world. Xi Jinping tried to combine the power of state-owned enterprises with military power, which is the so-called military-civilian integration to create hegemonism, in order to achieve the purpose of expanding his control and power. Stealing millions of American jobs through commercial activities is a real threat to the American people. Both parties turned a blind eye to kneel to CCP, only President Trump said: Enough! After that, the United States began to turn, establishing a global democratic system and a free economic alliance to contront this threat. In addition, Xi Jinping has broken the promise of Hong Kong’s 50 years of freedom. He now uses the Hong Kong National Security Act to deprive Hong Kong people’s freedom. This proves once again that the United States must not trust the words of CCP.

10. In an interview with Maria two days ago, General Flynn said, if you want to ask how sure he is that President Trump will be elected? He said it was 100% sure. Except for the cases pending trial in the Supreme Court, there are absolute evidences that foreign forces have interfered in the US elections. The related information has been published on the designated website. The Director of National Intelligence will release a comprehensive report this Friday. He suggested that the President should initiate an executive order signed in 2018 and executive a special prosecutor to investigate the matter.

It is now a matter of officially defining foreign forces to interfere in the U.S. election, and CCP rigging the U.S. election. Victory is coming to us, so comrades-in-arms must pay special attention to safety, protect yourselves and your families from the virus; strengthen fitness exercises, and welcome the coming of victory. See you next time!

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