Hundreds of expatriate employees of central enterprises infected with CCP virus after receiving “inactivated vaccine”

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Recently, a large number of employees of expatriate central enterprises were infected with the CCP virus after being injected with China National Pharmaceutical’s “inactivated vaccine”; and in Shanghai Yangpu Hospital, the proportion of high-risk medical staff refusing vaccination was as high as 93.4%. Raising questions about the effectiveness and safety of CCP vaccines.

In Serbia, 300 of the more than 400 employees at a project of the Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company have been diagnosed with the CCP virus, according to New Tang Dynasty Television. The Ugandan embassy also confirmed that 47 Chinese workers were infected, and all of them, without exception, were injected with the “inactivated vaccine” produced by the Chinese Communist Party’s China National Pharmaceutical Group before they were sent out.

The “inactivated vaccine” developed by China National Pharmaceutical Group has been given to hundreds of thousands of people even before the phase III clinical trial is completed. Yuan Hongbing, an expert on China, points out that the vaccine developed by the Chinese Communist Party is not up to par, and that they are not following a scientific approach, but simply treating it as a political task.

The vaccine developed by China National Pharmaceutical Group is an “inactivated vaccine”, which is different from the “mRNA vaccine” of Moderna and Pfizer. Dr. Mei-Hsiang Ho, a part-time researcher at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences at Academia Sinica in Taiwan, also said that Taiwan has been suspicious of the so-called “inactivated vaccine” developed by China National Pharmaceutical Group.

Since September of this year, tens of thousands of people who went overseas to work have been vaccinated with a vaccine developed by the Chinese Communist Party, which it has been claiming is “zero infection”. While bragging all over the world about how safe and effective their vaccines are, feedback from high-risk health care workers at Shanghai Yangpu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine shows a refusal rate of 93.4%.

China National Pharmaceutical Group Limited is the only central pharmaceutical enterprise directly managed by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of the State Council that focuses on the pharmaceutical and health industry. It has more than 1,500 subsidiaries and six listed companies, including Sinopharm Group Co., Ltd., Sinopharm Holdings, China National Accord Medicines Corporation Ltd., Beijing Tiantan Biological Products Corporation Ltd., Modern Pharmaceuticals and China Traditional Chinese Medicine, with a total of 150,000 employees.

On December 10, China National Pharmaceutical’s “Inactivated Vaccine” was approved for marketing in the United Arab Emirates, and on December 12, it was approved for marketing in Bahrain.

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