A Guide to Preventing Communist China’s Digital Currency Online Financial Fraud

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Today Forbes.com published an ad for a Chinese Communist scam, titled: China’s New Crypto Coin (hereinafter referred to as digital hell money) Has Already Generated $2.1 Trillion. Experts Say Act Now Before It Shoots Up Like Bitcoin! I would like to analyze the fraudulent advertisement item by item for you, and hope that you will be careful not to fall for the CCP fraudsters and protect your money bag.

Fraud risk tip 1: Use the public’s trust in the mainstream financial media, rubbing traffic, rubbing attention; the digital hell money is compared to bitcoin, causing people’s fantasy of earning huge profits; at the same time, creating a tense atmosphere where the first to strike is strong and the second to suffer.

The ad says, it’s finally happened. A major worldwide government has just bestowed a huge vote of confidence and legitimacy onto the world of cryptocurrencies. China, in an unprecedented move, just announced that they are officially adopting a certain cryptocurrency as China’s official coin!

Fraud risk tip 2: Scammers often use exaggerated adjectives such as “worldwide”, “huge”, “unprecedented”, etc. to boast.

The government of China just informed that they have chosen a preferred firm for the purchase and marketing of their new coin -YuanPay Group. The sales of China’s coin officially started December 15 of 2020 and currently these coins can be bought only from YuanPay Group.

Fraud risk tip 3: Although the name “YuanPay Group” is vulgar, it reflects the simple ideal of scammers to pull out your ingots.

In fact, China deputy minister of finances, Liu Kun, informed that their new official coin stating price is just CNY 0.12!

1 Chinese Yuan equals 0.13 EUR

That’s right, the coin is incredibly inexpensive in comparison to most other coins out there. Bitcoin, for example, trades at CNY 65,366.84 at the time of this writing and Ethereum trades at around CNY 1,362.76.

Fraud risk tip 4: Using the Chinese Communist Party’s finance minister to stand up and give endorsement to the digital hell money, the problem is that the CCP’s credit is bankrupt; while advocating that the price is cheap and very cost-effective; and again comparing it with the world’s mainstream digital currency and boasting the upside. The climax comes next, as the scam ads share two separate foreigners’ highly touted experiences with digital hell money and getting rich.

Sir Richard Bronson stated: “Everytime a major corporation announces even a small partnership with an individual cryptocurrency, that coin’s value skyrockets. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen when a government officially adopts a crypto. When the name of China’s coin is released, many people will become millionaires practically overnight.”

Just weeks after the coins release, Liam Martin has made nearly $300,000. In 2018 Liam was just your average retail worker, working at Walmart for nearly 3 years. Fast forward to the end of 2020, and he is on the brink of being a millionaire. This is what Mr. Martin had to say about the new coin.

“My trades were fluctuating a lot earlier this year, especially with the crisis, but the saving grace really was YuanPay. I really did my research and heard wind of the coin a few months back, but what was really frustrating was that I lived in Canada and couldn’t find a way to get it. Luckily, YuanPay released their platform and I grabbed the coin almost immediately. $250 turned into thousands overnight, it was like a dream to me. I told my parents and my best friend, and now they’re raking in thousands a day too.”

Fraud risk tip 5: Using foreigners or so-called experts, celebrities and noblemen to stand for digital hell money, doesn’t it have a kind of rich vernacular of third-tier TV commercials?

The scam ad continues with a description of how to buy digital hell money.

To our surprise, the process was fairly streamlined. We signed up for an account, received the phone call from our rep in under an hour, and made the $250 minimum deposit. The rep did mention that we could invest as much as we wanted, but we just wanted to test the results for ourselves.

For CNY 1,921, I received 21,375 coins at CNY 0.12 cents each. You can see current value of my coins on the same page.

PS: As an early investor they gave me 5,367 extra coins for free!

As of writing this article, our $250 investment has become $8,713.34 USD.

Fraud risk tip 6: The previous actions are to lure you into the bait, this part is the specific modus operandi of the scammer to cash in; preaching that early investors have additional rewards, continue to lure you to hurry up and fall for it; 250 to more than 8700, why the Communist Party does not keep such good money, when did they think of the people?

After finishing this article, literally around 4 hours, I checked my wallet again and to my surprise: In only 4 hours, the price increased from CNY 0.12 to CNY 0.31. At this point, I was positively surprised. I am not selling my coins as of yet because all the experts predict that the price will rise to at least CNY 9,192.63 per coin in matter of months.

Fraud risk tip 7: 4 hours nearly twice the earnings, blow hard, as long as the blow hard enough, pigs can also go to heaven; and the so-called experts predict a continuous rise in a few months, anyone with a bit of common sense knows that the normal market will rise and fall, there is no unilateral rise in the market without risk. People who deny this are either stupid or bad.

Finally the scam ad warmly reminds that you can find their promo video as well as direct coin sales here.

Fraudulent advertisement author exposure: Shen Haixiong, male, Han nationality, born in February 1967, member of the Chinese Communist Party, joined the workforce in August 1989, “senior journalist”. He is currently Vice Minister of the Central Propaganda Department, Director and Party Secretary of the CCTV, and Editor-in-Chief of CCTV.

Source: https://financecraft2020.com/CAenyoanagroh1x/index2.php?cep=-wXdqw88OHR3LInQd_VhYnEqtVhQ9wCqtbxzVom5pMZ_3pWiC2-k-UsTdMTs1HAPhuhcizNAhlS1VAFEk4BAIA6jldRTqAl7r7gFCdxvcheQme38LVvLQlXXqxRC5JcVkJV-D-bMDOewh206L2TMgAkgCkndMKM-JZY1H9HOKGcAgtnJPOoRFmuFuM2L4K8muKoqZz07uMPqu_sCzUdlmXl8dS6NGbT-K_RTmKs0bh0FGX3eNp0rooKcUbzRO5z7FfGrarmArD1FC2ri3QJeln_IckhbQnUEGsWg8oAYXNpOLuvcLUBYR1TdTV_wO0aq6HBB8A-gpdbR__gY6dtxW4q55LNIGN8boarhIxJi-QXZeIGJjyq3wEwlGe1bKUyIK80qA_K5wQ6swibBl6kdZocrBtjQx2aYDx7DlTuTFHPMTeJMEXqDQCMq4m8PeTXUHaO_ojsgBt1-uAbGk7fieA&lptoken=16d30840148d69ba412e&widget_id=169569&content_id=4745943&boost_id=767868&adv_targets=native&rev_campaign_id=767868&utm_source=revcontent&rc_uuid=b6f0133f-8f11-4718-a738-fea7b689f7d1

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