Miles Guo’s View on 2020 Election

Author: Cosmo; Contributor: Villager

On Dec 14th, Electoral College voted for 2020 Presidential candidates and granted 306 votes to Joe Biden. Since then, all kinds of commentaries have flooded the media and the internet to interpret this result. Miles Guo, the founder of the Whistleblower Movement, also explicitly expressed his view about the 2020 election in a live broadcast on

Miles Guo indicated the 2020 election had entered into a preposterous stage since the Supreme Court’s decision on the Texas case. He further elaborated “preposterous” as illogical, not corresponding to customary rules and regulations of the nature and human society, and not obeying norms and requirements of the society. Along this line, Miles Guo predicted how this election would be finalized.

  1. The Electoral College vote has nothing to do with the presidential election at all. It is not the final decision-making power. 
  2. News has reported President Trump’s interest of appointing a special counsel to probe the 2020 election fraud and Biden family’s corruption. But we should not expect a quick timeline. This investigation may take one and half years to two years.
  3. If during this investigation, some special groups (maybe from foreigners) offered irrefutable evidence to prove Biden family’s corruption and collusion with foreigners and/or his fraudulent conduct in this election, this election result could be abolished. Then there would be two ways to solve this problem: a. to announce Trump to be re-elected as the next president of USA; b. to let the House and the Senate pick the President and the Vice President.
  4. If no resolution by Jan 6th, Nancy Pelosi could become the acting President.
  5. But with the continuous investigation of the election fraud, the arguing and shouting of who the winner is would go on up until the House and the Senate choose the President and Vice-President. The final result would be Trump as the winner. By that stage, please pay attention to the Vice President candidates. This would be the key point for the election.
  6. During this chaotic period, Biden may head to White House with a group of people, Nancy Pelosi may want to evict Trump from White House, and some departments may jump out to accuse Trump. People would be watching a series of kaleidoscopic events, one thing in this hour and a 180-degree turn in the next hour.
  7. The timeframe for the dust to settle would be extended to February of 2021.

Miles Guo analyzed further that the entire election drama would educate Americans the severity and depth of the CCP’s infiltration in the US, ranging from fields of education, technology, Judiciary, Entertainment, Sports, intelligentsia, to almost every corner of the society. It would make Americans truly realize their real enemy and take actions to fight back. 

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4 months ago

Trump and his supporters are still “outsiders”. Obama had 8 full years to leave behind people in key positions throughout the Executive Branch (CIA, NSA, DHS, DOJ, FBI, & IRS among others). The infiltration was so deep that Trump truly had no chance to root it all out in a single term. In fact, he placed his trust in the wrong people for most of his first term. Only in the twilight of his term has he moved to eradicate the leaders in the DOD and DOJ (Barr). Barr played a very good game, a true double agent. Well played… Read more »

4 months ago
Reply to  SubVet1972

Thanks for your articulated words of wisdom. Nothing gives us more hope and joy than seeing American deplorables waking up to the communist threat. No longer is the voice of our Whistleblower Movement a cry in the wilderness. United we stand.
The CCP overplayed their hands. Buying out a basket of elites, Xi and his minions truly believe they control the U.S. as they do China. Corrupt minds think alike, and their arrogance will be their downfall. The power is still in the hands of the American people, and Trump is the chosen one.