Italian State Council approves the use of Hydroxychloroquine(HCQ), but final decision depends on doctors

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According to « Courriere della Sera », reported by Claudio Del Frate on December 12:

Image Source: Courriere della Sera

It’s written on the image that the State Council authorizes to use . « prevails the liberty of doctor »

From Claudio Del Frate 12 December 2020

Usage of medical in treatment was stopped on July by Aifa because of the uneffectiveness. But for the judges « the studies are not unique… »

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency) considered that HCQ is inefficient for COVIDtreatment and prohibited the use of HCQ treatment . But judges pronounce that « the clinical data is not the unique factor, patients and doctors have the liberty to choose ».

On 11th December, Italian State Council approved an adjudication to approve that the use of HCQ. Although scientists, the WHO and AIFA have been interdicted this medicine. Italian judiciary  departments accepted the appeal from some doctors and gave the rights for them to use the HCQ. This medicine was used to be in the cure of malaria. The President Trump and leader from right party Salvini praised for this judgement. The administrative judge wrote in the verdict: to respect the autonomy of every doctor. 

Personal Commentary:

For us, people from the “Whistle-Blower Movement”, we all believe the theory of Dr. Yan. Hydroxychloroquine is not a miracle medicine, but it can save live, specially for preventing and early treatment of COVID-19. We are lucky, because following the“Whistle-Blower Movement” not only good for our open mind and vision, but also having the knowledge of this dangerous virus from the beginning. The western society has the rule of law, people can still express their willing by judicial procedure even if the epidemic has caused unprecedented social problems. We should praise and follow these doctorswho still have consciences and courages while facing injustices and pressures from different parts.

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