Are Vaccines Life-saving or Life-killing?

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Current vaccines include Pfizer, Moderna and China’s Sinovac.  Canada uses the Pfizer vaccine.

 A total of 30,000 doses of Pfizer vaccines recently arrived in Canada which will be shipped to 14 regions across the country and they will be launched at the most of the provinces.  B.C. will start receiving vaccinations in the next few days and the first batch will be for those medical workers.

Bonnie Henry, the chief health officer of BC, has explained the sequence of the vaccination and the effect for the general public.  She said, “Pfizer vaccine needs to be injected twice, 21 days apart, and immunization will start after 7 days.”

And plans to fully implement the use of “TraceTogether” application and hand-in-hand with the anti-epidemic device for SafeEntry registration early next year.  The tracker must be worn on designated occasions.

 Carry the “TraceTogether” epidemic prevention device/or open the “TraceTogether”APP in your phone

 Scan ID barcode or SafeEntry QR code

 Here is the problem:

 The virus and the vaccine are made by the same group.

 Can you predict the future of the world is going to be in whose hand?

Dr. Limeng Yan has said: We are not against the vaccine, we are against the CCP virus vaccine; those people who do not recognize the truth of CCP virus had not only put themselves in the position of Lab mice but also in great danger!

Lawyer Linwood also stated in his tweet:

He has serious concerns about the connection between Pfizer and CCP.

These people had already rigged the election, and they are now practicing how to track us and change our genetics through contact tracing and vaccines. For God’s sake, we need to wake up and realize that we are a frog in a slowly boiling pot!  !

New vaccine technology may implicate new vaccine damage.  There has never been an authorized mRNA vaccine before.  Because vaccines are developed so quickly and undergo such short clinical trials, long-term harm is completely unknown.

The average time for vaccine development is more than ten years:

 Flu vaccine-14 years

 Polio vaccine-20 years

 Smallpox vaccine-26 years

 Rotavirus vaccine-26 years

 Hepatitis B vaccine-38 years

 Tetanus-40 years

 Meningitis vaccine-68 years

Even the Ebola virus discovered in 1976,  AIDS the terminal illness of the century, has not yet developed a vaccine. May I ask experts on the new coronavirus vaccine who claimed that there is a vaccine, how reliable is it?

In addition to the virus mutations, there will be all sorts of complications, allergic reactions, autoimmune diseases and female infertility from this vaccination. 

Should the vaccine receivers be responsible for all these crap?!

I urge you to think twice before even considering taking a vaccine!


Original opinion article by Himalaya Gfarm Vancouver – 2020/12/16

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