Highlights of Lude Media (Night)-Dec 15, 2020

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McConnell Acknowledge Joe Biden Win the Election, Call Republicans Senate Not to Support

• Majority leader Mitch McConnell, who backed President Trump up for ballot recount on Nov. 9, congratulates Joe Biden and lobbies fellow Republicans to oppose a last-ditch effort for reversing the outcome when Congress tallies the results next month.

o Mr. Lu De thinks that if McConnell wants put President Trump “to death,” the timing of what he’s doing is a bit odd. There are still 22 days until January 6. His announcement was intended more as a warning or a hammering for President Trump to come and deal with him.

o Mr. Lu De and guesses also discuss McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chou,who is famous for her family’s shipping business dealings with the Chinese Communist Party. o Former CCP Chairman, Jiang Zemin, is her father’s schoolmate, who has offered their company the opportunity to enter the Chinese market in the 80s.

o McConnell’s move today led to the exposure of numerous scandals about his wife, which would a great negative impact on him.

• According to President Trump’s lawyer Jenna Ellis, the official electoral votes have the state’s seal will be sent to Washington on Dec. 15. And on Jan. 6, the Electoral College votes will be counted in a joint session of Congress.

o On Jan. 6, which is the date of ultimate significance, there will be several different scenarios.

1) As president of the Senate, Vice President Pence could formally announce the winner, if there is no objection.

2) The House of Representatives would end up choosing between Joe Biden and President Trump. It would give one vote to each state, and since the Republicans have more states with Republican majorities((e.g., 30 votes for Republicans VS 20 votes for Democrats), President Trump would likely be the winner.

3) The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, could become acting president.

• As Mr. Lu De said the other day, President Trump has told advisers to start looking for the appropriate person who could be appointed to become a special prosecutor to investigate baseless allegations of voter fraud in the election. The commander in chief also reportedly wants a special prosecutor to investigate Hunter Biden.

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