Basic Knowledge of World War III

Author: Seven Coloured Lights
Editor: Rainbow
Translator: EA

Is it in World War III now? The answer is: yes. The reality has been talked about and pointed through by Mr. Miles Guo in recent live videos.

This world war is a biochemical war against the righteousness and good people by the dark forces of the world represented by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), it does not distinguish between countries and races, it is the beginning of war against all mankind. The real purpose of starting this biochemical war is to combine the long-term BGY penetration through the outbreak of the virus to eventually achieve control of the world’s capital, resources, and media as a way to subsequently enslave the people of the world.

We can see their evil purpose from one sample: many databases of young Chinese people’s DNA have been created, people of dark forces can provide Chinese people’s organs to dark power figures around the world and those who they want to control. Do not say this is alarmist, for the good people, the evil forces do things that only you can’t think of, not what they can’t do.

We can also see the evil of the dark forces from the fact that CCP has provided related young children to Hunter Biden and other American dark forces for their pleasure, and as more and more evidence is exposed, their evil will be jaw-dropping and untold to the good people of the world.

This world war, starting with the biochemical attack, so that countries around the world were caught off guard, and were hit, the virus infection is about to reach 100 million people until now, and the number of deaths has reached at least a million, and just in the United States mainland, there were more than 200,000 deaths, and the number of people who actually died I believe will be more and more.

In the war of public opinion, CCP has used strategies such as the Great Foreign Propaganda and Belt and Road to control the politics of many countries in the world. Even in the United States, we have seen medias such as CNN, ABC, Wall Street Journal, FOX NEWS, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube etc stand in line. They have sided with the forces of evil, trying to control and influence the minds of the American people, and their poor performance has caused the American people to awaken and resist. In the medical world, we have seen that the truth disclosed by Dr. Yan and her reports have silenced the so-called top people in the world of medicine, unable to present any scientific evidence to refute it. But even so, in the overall situation of the war of public opinion, many people in the medical profession are still watching, and hesitating, few people have the courage to support the truth and science, which is a pity.

The legal battle, whether it is the legal battle of the U.S. election, or the evidence of corruption and lawlessness of the U.S. politicians, legislators, judges, media, etc. that has been disclosed and will be disclosed soon, the relevant evidence has been collected by the righteous and good people such as Giuliani, Powell, Lin Wood, etc. to verify the truth. But every judge is a human being, not a god. Under the infiltration of CCP, many judges no longer speak for the American people and preside over justice, but have become accomplices of the evil forces.

In terms of disrupting the United States, many states which are deeply penetrated by BGY have condoned Antifa and BLM Black Lives Matter, openly launching illegal movements, vandalism and looting in many cities, and peaceful pro-Trump protesters have been attacked and threatened by these extremists with force.

In general, as Mr. Bannon said: the United States is in a civil war. From a global perspective, the state of civil war in which the United States finds itself is important in determining not only the future of the United States, but also whether the future of the world is headed toward a future controlled by evil forces or toward a world of democracy, freedom and the rule of law.

The American people cherish the spirit of freedom, democracy, the rule of law, which are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and its separation of powers system has lasted for hundreds of years and indestructible, at many major and critical moments in history, each power has made outstanding practice and contributions to the prosperity and stable development of the United States. Faced with this unprecedented crisis, relying on the rule of law, relying on the executive power, the whistleblower movement and President Trump stand together, which will once again make a glorious contribution to the United States and the world.

After Trump finally wins this election, with the cooperation and leadership of the whistleblower movement and the United States, the world’s forces of justice will definitely take down CCP soon, and at the same time what follows is that it will definitely cause an awakening and advancement of all aspects of the world. On this point, it will be further described in future articles.

(Above contents are author’s opinion only)

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1 year ago

Going to take a miracle for Trump to get reelected.
He is the only thing that could save this country from self destruction.