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LuDe Media 20201215 Morning News, New York Time

State Department Tweeted “CCP Endangered U.S. Freedom and National Security”

The tweet said Americans must know how the Chinese Communist Party has poisoned our higher education for its own purposes and how those actions have damaged our freedoms and national security. These words, which Pompeo said earlier, were re-posted today by the State Department’s Twitter account, pointing in a quite clear direction.

How Universities Connected to National Security

The Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration of universities has caused corruption in education, academia, and medical community, resulting in mainstream experts and scholars around the world ignoring the truth about the virus and remaining silent in the face of Dr. Yan’s reports on the source of the virus, and preventing the public from taking hydroxychloroquine, and it has directly led to tremendous damage to American lives, economics, defense, and other aspects.

LuDe Talked Again about America Swamp and Ecosystem

As one pole of the real power in America, the Ivy League schools such as Harvard and Yale are the bases for cultivating alligators of swamp in the United States. No matter how the board of trustees, presidents, deans, and professors change, the real owners behind these schools do not change, either a family or some other interest group.

For a long time, there has been a swamp in the United States, and it is confined to a very small elite circle of politicians, Wall Street, etc., isolated from circles of the general public. These circles follow their own rules without crossing, thus they maintain the balance of the social ecosystem, promoting the long-term prosperity and stability of the United States. In such an ecology, the existence of the swamp always reminds the public to beware of crocodiles and to be alert to maintain their own safeties.

Crocodiles Crossing the Border to be Exterminated

In an ecosystem, if a crocodile crosses its border and endangers the survival of other species and the balance of the ecosystem, it will be exterminated. Back then, the New York gangs were eliminated by Giuliani when they expanded their territories and endangered the normal life and social order of ordinary citizens.

CCP‘s Infiltration of U.S. Universities Touched foundation of U.S., Must Be Eliminated

The CCP’s infiltration of its own set of rules-less game into universities and its transmission to professors and students will cause the entire United States to be a swamp, and all the alligators run around across the borders and are about to eat the people who raise them behind the swamp.

Americans today have seen clearly that the Chinese Communist Party has seriously overstepped its bounds and it is trying to completely break the rules of the swamp and turn the entire United States into a swamp. Now Americans are beginning to give up their naive illusions and will deal with the CCP in the CCP way. This is the reason why President Trump suddenly replaced Barr, the peacetime Attorney General, with an Acting Attorney General and a Deputy Secretary, those who can fight big battles. The rules of American actions against the Chinese Communist Party have changed.

U.S. Raid on Solarwinds Got Solid Evidences of Election Fraud

A joint operation by the U.S. Marshals, the Texas Rangers and the FBI raided Solarwinds’ headquarter in Austin and obtained solid evidences of ballots fraud in the Dominion system. The operation was unprecedented in its level of rank and secrecy.

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