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LuDe Media 20201214 Evening News, New York Time

U.S. Established Special Committee to Sanction CCP

Above the National Security Council, National Emergency Committee, a higher-level, has been established, which includes two Chinese (Mr. Guo and who?) and two American battle-companions of the Whistleblower Movement (Giuliani and Bannon?). Within this Committee, a special committee is set up to develop the sanctions program against the CCP.

NATO Assessed CCP Cyber Attacks, and CCP Firewall Going Down

Zerohedge tweeted that NATO was assessing the risks of the cyber-attacks just launched by the CCP, which means that the investigation has been almost completed. The assessment will come out soon, and no matter who launched the attacks appearingly, it will inevitably be confirmed that the CCP committed it in the end, for the power to investigate and adjudicate to find out the truth is in the hands of the United States and NATO. President Trump was indecisive in cracking down on the CCP previously because the forces behind the swamp was hesitant, and now as long as the forces resolved to exterminate the CCP, any trick could be applied. Once it is formally recognized that the CCP launched the cyber-attacks, the U.S. and NATO will automatically fight back and the CCP firewall will be pushed down soon.

Pompeo: CCP is the Biggest Threat to World Security

Pompeo said in an interview: the CCP is the greatest threat to the security of the Americans and people of the world; the CCP has used the so-called civil-military fusion to construct hegemony, stealing millions of jobs from the United States through commercial practices, posing a real threat to the American people; and the CCP took away all the freedoms of the HongKongers through the Hong Kong National Security Law, breaking its promise of 50 years of freedom for Hong Kong.

Attorney General Barr Officially Resigned Toda

President Trump then appointed Acting Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen and his aide Richard Donoghue to ensure that the Justice Department’s next move is under the president’s control. All states will conduct their electoral votes on Dec. 14, and the election results will be certified by their signatures, which means that the Department of Justice will obtain the signed evidences that substantiate election fraud from these states on this date. After Dec. 15, a series of actions by the Department of Justice will begin. According to LuDe Media, several significant figures related to Biden have been arrested.

Barr was formerly the Attorney General in the old Bush administration, and his reappointment in the Trump cabinet was the result of a compromise between various factions, with the main task to complete the Russia-gate investigation. Now that the focus of the Department of Justice has shifted to extinguishing the CCP, Barr’s status is no longer suitable to remain in office because of his own entangled interests.

Rosen Issued 24 Criminal Summonses to Hunter Biden on His First Day in Power

With Barr’s resignation, all the leftist media made a 180 degree turn and unanimously reported Hunter Biden’s collusion with the Chinese Communist Party, indicating that the Democratic Party is abandoning Joe Biden and will introduce Kamala Harris to fill the vacancy of the presidential candidate, but Harris is the very knife hiding behind the Chinese Communist Party.

WHO Director General Tedros Charged with Mass Genocide

David Stenman, a Nobel Prize-nominated American economist, recently filed an indictment with the International Criminal Court against Tedros for mass genocide. Tedros served as Ethiopia’s Minister of Health and Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2005-2016, and had led the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which is listed as a global terrorist organization by the United States. Tedros was one of the three leaders who controlled Ethiopian security services from 2013-2015 and was responsible for the government’s murder, torture, indiscriminate arrests, land grabbing and other atrocities.

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