Lude Media: U.S. Electoral Vote Verification Results Announced, State Department Twitter Directly Pointed to the CCP’s Threat



The main content of Lude’s morning broadcast on December 15, 2020 includes: U.S. electoral vote verification results were announced; the State Department’s Tweet directly pointed to the CCP’s threat, the Texas Rangers raided SolarWinds in Austin, TX.

1. U.S. electoral vote verification results were announced

On December 14th, the results of the electoral votes were announced. There were 82 votes in seven states that belonged to the two parties at the same time, consequently, they were invalid votes. The media calculated that Biden received 220 + 82 = 302 votes. Seven states voted for both Trump and Biden. That’s what the media calls 302 votes. In this way, Trump got 232 + 82 = 314 votes (seven states voted for both Trump and Biden). The media called it 232 votes. On January 6, 2021, Congress will rule that there is a problem with the electoral vote algorithm announced by the media. This is “no zuo no die”. Let’s wait and see!

  • Two genus means that the state government and the legislature have different voting objects. The validity of this vote is ultimately determined by Congress. The left media has widely reported that Biden won the US president. Those are completely false reports, it should be subject to the final result;
  • Winning the presidency is based on public opinion. President Trump has the support of 80 million Americans, and now major interest groups are also turning to him.

2. State Department Twitter directly pointed to the CCP’s threat

The U.S. State Department tweeted on December 15:

Lude Media commented on this tweet:

  • The State Department posted this tweet to emphasize that the CCP is extremely poisonous to American higher education and to remind American people to be vigilant.
  • In the live broadcast a few days ago, Mr. Miles Guo broke the news that the core of the true power of the United States controls the Ivy League school boards. The CCP has long stolen intellectual property rights from American higher education institutions and BGY’ed the scientific and technological talents from overseas universities. These have seriously threatened the fundamental interests of the United States.
  • This tweet implies that these academic institutions are closely related to U.S. national security. The theory of the origin of the CCP virus and the hydroxychloroquine treatment incident have completely exposed the deep corruption of American academic institutions;  moreover, two reports published by Dr. Li-Meng Yan will be verified in the future;
  • Once the swamp of American education is drained, the truth about the CCP virus will soon be revealed.

3. The Texas Rangers raided SolarWinds headquarter in Austin, Texas

Gateway Pundit reported on December 14: US Marshals and Texas Rangers raided SolarWinds headquarter in Austin, Texas.

  • The core of the Dominican Voting System in the United States is at this headquarter.
  • In this operation, the marshals led the Rangers to carry out a raid, and the FBI only cooperated with them, and the operation must have obtained important evidence.
  • The Lude Media mentioned yesterday that NATO is also evaluating the security of SolarWinds software, and all parties are working intensively.
  • The rules of the game have been completely changed because the CCP has overstepped the boundary. President Trump has begun to apply the “swamp” rules to the CCP in the past two days.




Translated from the Chinese article by 重生


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