Julian Assange’s Video Footage On Surveillance Industry

Closed Captions:

This project is not a” here’s a lot of data ,let’s quickly mine it for quotes and push it out”. This is a proper investigative project ,where the data is informative, but it isn’t going to make the story, it’s going to guide the story. It concerns the international surveillance industry. The international surveillance industry is something that I was following in detail about ten years ago, but looking at this data and some other things that have come my way, it is clear that it has now metastasized into something that is really quite extraordinary. There are now around a hundred companies, perhaps thirty major companies involved in the provision of bulk surveillance equipments to intercept all telephone calls coming out of the country, all of them and record them permanently. Do automatic gender identification, speaker identification, stress identification, age group identification based on vocal qualities, and that is marketed all over. So every tin-pot dictator has one.

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Himalaya GFarm Vancouver – 2020/12/15

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