Lude Media: Mayor Giuliani Returned with Full Recovery; A Warning to Certain People in China: Do Not Become a Cannon Fodder!

The Lude media broke the news in the morning broadcasting on December 8, 2020 that Mayor Giuliani returned with full recovery from the CCP virus; analyzed President Trump’s retweet of Di, Dongsheng’s speech video; Tucker Show summarized the intelligence director’s remark; the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly responded to US sanctions; Texas sued the four swing states for unconstitutional elections.

1. Mayor Giuliani Returned with Full Recovery

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Lude Media released the news: After Mr. Giuliani was diagnosed with the CCP virus, he was hospitalized immediately. He received the monoclonal antibody treatment from Regeneron and recovered very quickly. Because he has a history of cancer, the recovery process was somewhat painful. Mr. Giuliani will be interviewed by Mr. Bannon’s War Room Pandemic. Monoclonal antibodies are purchased by the Department of Defense. At the present time, it is difficult to buy monoclonal antibodies for commercial purposes, and the current stock is only sufficient to treat 70 to 80 thousand people.

2.     President Trump retweeted Di Dongsheng’s speech video

President Trump retweeted a video of the Tucker Show about Di Dongsheng’s speech video, in which Di personally admitted that Washington’s political elites deeply corrupted with the CCP [1].

The Lude Media commented the retweet as follows:

• As long as there is any movement of the CCP, brothers and sisters-in-arms from the Whistleblower Movement will translate it as soon as possible, and then send it to  the mainstream media and U.S. senior officials;

• Di Dongsheng said in the video that the CCP has people in Washington D.C., which refer to as the “Deep State”. He believes that this is a group of middle and high-level officials from the U.S. military, the Department of Commerce, and the judicial system. These people are all elites who disdain Trump, and they are the true forces of anti-Trump in Washington D.C., which have been weakened.

• The Chinese Communist Party officials personally admitted that they had carried out the “BGY program” to the high-level U.S. officials,  and this video is now wide-spreading in the U.S., which will pave the way for President Trump’s next major actions. The American electoral system, civil service system, and American swamps will all be reformed. 

• As early as 2017, Mr. Miles Guo warned that there were problems with the U.S. system, and has been deeply “BGY” (corrupted) by the CCP.

• President Trump has encountered strong obstacles from the Deep State in the past four years. This is not a problem with President Trump’s leadership. His great success in the business world already shows enough evidence of his outstanding leadership.

3. Tucker summarized the content of the speech of the U.S. Director of Intelligence

On December 7th, Tucker summarized the article by Ratcliffe, the Director of Intelligence [2]:

• The CCP is the greatest threat to democracy and free society in the world since World War II;

• The CCP steals American sensitive technology to satisfy Xi Jinping’s ambitions;

• Tucker also singled out the CCP’s gene editing enhancement experiment of the People’s Liberation Army;

• The Director of National Intelligence said that many people are unwilling to call the CCP the number one threat, for the sake of their own economic benefits and political purposes;

• Intelligence will not lie. No country is as capable and planned as the CCP to destroy the American dream;

• Tucker asked Ratcliffe, “Did the CCP expand its army because it foresees a military conflict with the United States in a few years?” Ratcliffe didn’t answer directly.

It can be seen from this news:

• The content of the speech by the U.S. Director of Intelligence Ratcliffe is now being publicized in mainstream media. He is foreshadowing the public opinion for President Trump’s next blockbuster actions;

• The content of Ratcliffe’s speech came from military intelligence, which also verifies the accuracy of intelligence information that the Whistleblower Movement delivers.

4. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly responded to US sanctions

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing reported on December 8 [3]: Vice Foreign Minister Zheng, Zeguang summoned Robert W. Forden, the temporary chargé d’affaires of the US Embassy in Beijing on the 8th, and addressed a solemn protest against the U.S. State Department announced sanctions against 14 vice-chairmen of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China. Zheng, Zeguang pointed out that the above-mentioned actions of the United States seriously violated the basic norms of international relations, seriously interfered in China’s internal affairs, severely undermined China-US relations, and were arbitrarily unreasonable and very bad in nature. China expressed strong indignation and strongly condemned it.

  • This proves that the U.S. government’s sanctions have dealt a huge blow to the CCP;
  • The level of sanctioned officials has risen to deputy state-level leaders, and the next actions will be even more heavy and thunderous;
  • The Whistleblower Movement is here to remind the CCP military and other leaders not to become a cannon fodder, otherwise they will face the American decapitation strike;
  • If anyone reports the family information of these sanctioned officials and provides evidence, they can get rewards. In the future, all brothers and sisters of  the Whistleblower Movement can report the overseas assets of these kleptocrats,
  • The greatest thing in the U.S. is faith. It is precisely because American people have faith that they decided not to collude with the CCP and decided to stand up for reform.

5. Texas sues four swing states in the Supreme Court

BREITBART News Network reported on December 7 [4]: Texas sued the states of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin in the Supreme Court over election rules.

The Lude Media commented on this news report as follows:

• The lawsuit will go directly to the Supreme Court for adjudication and prosecute these states for violating the equality clause;

• President Trump takes proactive attack in the strategy of legal proceedings, and this advantage is far greater than solely defense;

• The state-to-state litigation is directly ruled by the Supreme Court. The defendant used the method of mailing ballots on the ground of the pandemic, which eventually led to a large number of fake ballots, which undermined the principle of equality.

President Trump has gone through many years of hardship and hard work; now he is in the home stretch, and he will turn the tide and make history.






Translated from the Chinese article by 重生

Translator: 【心路新世界】Proofreader: 【rainbow】Editor:【Isaiah4031】

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