Highlights of Lude Media (Morning)-Dec 15, 2020

Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf, Jojo

Department of State: Americans must know how the CCP’s actions degrade our freedoms

• Mr. Lu De pointed out that we should not let the fake news media fool us. The lawmakers of seven swing states did not agree on a set of electors. This election is far from over. The House of Representatives would provide the electoral results on Jan. 6,2020. With no real power behind his 80 million votes, it is hard for Joe Biden to fight against President Trump.

• Department of State tweeted yesterday: “Americans must know how the CCP is poisoning the well of our higher education for its own ends, and how those actions degrade our freedoms and our national security.”

o Mr. Lu De mentioned before in his show that America’s top schools have real “Swamp Power”. Education is where they are most concerned. o The CCP virus pandemic has made the “Swamp Power” realized that the CCP’s dark power is trying to drug their “alligators” and destroying the swamp ecology.

o The U.S. has swamps that follow the rules and strictly separated from other areas. But now the CCP is attempting to turn the entire U.S. into a big swamp under their control by releasing their own “alligators. “

o Yan’s reports on the CCP virus made the U.S. government aware of the threat to national security and the corruption in academic community. And the corrosion in the U.S. medical community is evidenced by the suppression of HCQ use. o Therefore, now all the forces of the U.S. will unite to destroy the CCP.

• A guest on Hannity told Sean Hannity that the FBI, US Marshals Service, and Texas Rangers were raiding SolarWinds headquarters in Austin, Texas.

• Darkness is a part of the composition of the world. With darkness, people will cherish the light and have the motivation to pursue the light, which leads to human development. However, the CCP wants to break the balance and keep the world in darkness forever. To save humanity, we must remove them as soon as possible.

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