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Section 5: Assessment Of The Leadership

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In my opinion, Mr. Bannon definitely is an effective leader because not only he has built a successful relationship with team members,but also he has stopped the human being from falling into Biological Warfare as a result.

In the short-term, it is very important to save people’s life because he has led his team to make the U.S government realized that it is necessary to restart the emergencies act to do practical actions. First, they have released two trillion dollars to save the American family as well as the Canadian government. As I mentioned, there is also no penny to pay for wall street or big financial institutions. Everything has been done as soon as possible to save more people’s life because Mr. Bannon is a wisdom strategic leader who can quickly interpret the trend of the death spiral, and also generate a feasible mission statement to execute the meaningful vision.

In the long-term, there is a huge transformation in human society that is the fourth industrial revolution. After the US government has realized the biological weapon that has begun to be used in the real world instead of science fiction film,they have recovered the BIO-project. Basically, the plan will use BIO-TECH to rebuild the gene-coding and also build the biological computer instead of the binary computer. In addition, Silicon Valley will disappear, and the Santiago will be the new technical center instead of the Silicon Valley (Reference 13).

The most critical reason is that he has been changing the world as a marvelous strategic leader for the entire 21st, and also has identified the future threats of human beings.

We have to admit the US cannot catch the opportunity of the century of biological technology and link the future of national direction in the next hundred years without Mr. Bannon’s vision and strategy.

To be continued.


Original opinion article by Himalaya Gfarm Vancouver – 2020/12/15


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