An outlook on the ultimate battle from The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) airstrikes on Yugoslavia

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In April 2021, the ultimate battle will begin; the U.S.-led NATO coalition beheads the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and completely destroys all of its military power. The coalition troops will be stationed in the field to investigate the source of the Coronavirus, and finally conduct the Nuremberg Trial against the CCP, which has been enslaving the Chinese people for 72 years and will finally disappear from the earth. All this seems to be like a blockbuster, is it true? Will it happen? Are the NATO coalition forces well-known? NATO’s air raid on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 20 years ago was of great reference.

According to NATO’s official website, in order to stop the humanitarian disaster that was spreading in Kosovo, NATO launched airstrikes against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in March 1999, known as Joint Force Operation. The entire event was divided into three stages:

In the first phase, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia revoked the local autonomy of Kosovo in 1989. Kosovo then declared its independence the following year. During the same period, the Croatian War of Independence and the Bosnia and Herzegovina War occurred. The Yugoslavia government had no time to take care of it. Then the local Albanians organized the Kosovo Liberation Army, which clashed with the Serbian police several times;

In the second phase, the Lakhach Massacre, which occurred in January 1999, was recognized as a war crime by Milosevic and the Army of Serbia and was condemned by various countries and the Security Council. On 15 March, the United States, NATO and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia held the second round of negotiations on the Kosovo issue. Western countries believed that Serbia not only imposed a policy of racial discrimination against ethnic Albanians Muslims in Kosovo, but its police had also carried out illegal force suppression and genocide against Albanian resistance and the Kosovo Liberation Army. The core content of the NATO bill included the following points. First, agreeing to Kosovo’s continued autonomy for three years, and deciding the future political direction by means of a referendum; second, requesting the withdrawal of all Serb troops and armed police from Kosovo’s Autonomous Provinces, and the NATO peacekeeping forces stationed to maintain peace. However, Serbia rejected it as a violation of its sovereignty in Kosovo, and the two sides ultimately failed to reach an agreement.

In the third phase, the United States Special Envoy and the Secretary-General of NATO announced the failure of peace negotiations on 23 March 1999.  NATO declared the termination of its diplomatic efforts and began airstrikes against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, while Yugoslavia aggressively marched into Kosovo and adopted a policy of ethnic cleansing to expel ethnic Albanians. The departure of the people of ethnic origin in Europe caused the enormous refugee flow in Europe since World War II. From 24 March to 10 June, NATO carried out 78 consecutive days of airstrikes against Yugoslavia, and finally, Yugoslav President Milosevic accepted the multi-national peace agreement (Kosovo Autonomy) (Source: Wikipedia).

After the war, Milosevic was taken to the International Court of Justice in The Hague for crimes against humanity, genocide, violations of the Geneva Conventions and violations of the laws of war. During the Balkan War, Milosevic ordered Serbian army and paramilitary organizations to kill thousands of civilians which made more than a million people became destitute and homeless. Even though the CCP’s atrocities in Xinjiang and Hong Kong are more heinous.

In July 2020, the Uyghur organization submitted a document to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, accusing the CCP of using Re-education Camps, torture, forced birth control, separation of children and their families, forced labour to deprive Uyghurs’ religious beliefs and culture; October 2020, U.S. National Security Adviser O’Brien said that the CCP is committing crimes close to genocide against Muslims in Xinjiang. In an interview with Indian media, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated that the CCP’s actions reminded us what happened in Germany in the 1930s – the ethnic cleansing of Jews by the Nazis in Germany.

According to the announcement by the Hong Kong government in 2019, in Hong Kong’s Anti-extradition bill protests, which lasted for more than a year, there were 256 suicides and 2,537 unidentified bodies found or sent to hospital in just three months from June to September. More than 6,000 arrested people were missing, according to The Epoch Times. In a live broadcast, Mr Miles Guo said that many young Hong Kong people were transported to Shenzhen by train; the CCP has set up the black site in Hong Kong, raped and killed many female protesters and worked day and night to build Hong Kong concentration camps. It can be seen that the humanitarian disaster in China has been severe.

It has been argued that China and the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia are not comparable because the CCP is a nuclear power and a populous country. If the CCP takes a nuclear counterattack after being struck by NATO, it will lead to severe humanitarian disasters with disastrous consequences. In regard to this, Mr Miles Guo said that the Third World War had been quietly and comprehensively launched. The CCP has used ultra-restricted biological and chemical weapons to attack Western societies, destroy the American economy, and threaten the life and material wealth of Western societies at all times. It has now reached the bottom line of the Western countries. If the West countries do not take action, they will become the CCP’s slaves and the power of justice in the world will be irresistible.

In addition, there is a big gap between the actual combat power of the CCP and the United States. According to Mr Hao Haidong, CCP’s military has zero combat effectiveness. Once the NATO coalition battle starts, the whole CCP’s army will surrender.

LUDE Media suggested that NATO’s military has been discussing the use of the collective defence clause in Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty to attack the CCP jointly. Article 5 is the cornerstone of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The treaty clearly states that an attack on one NATO member is an attack on all NATO members. NATO has only cited it once in its history in response to the terrorist attack on the United States on 11 September 2001.  

NATO’s decision-making mechanism is NATO consensus decision-making. All NATO decisions are made by consensus, which means that NATO does not vote but conducts consultations until a decision that is acceptable to every member. In 2020, to coordinated NATO’s concerted actions, Secretary Pompeo visited Europe several times. Recently, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg also proposed that NATO was established to defend democratic values that the CCP does not share or recognize. CCP’s authoritarianism is evident in its suppression of Hong Kong’s autonomy and the way they treat the 1 million Uighur Muslim minorities detained in Xinjiang (see The Sydney Morning Herald).

Global justice forces are gathering. According to LUDE Media, the 82nd Airborne have been mobilizing in recent days because the United States has solid evidence of foreign interference in elections. President Madura is about to be charged as the Venezuelan government remotely manipulates the U.S. election through the Domini voting system, with the CCP’s support.

Inside China, the CCP has caused humanitarian disaster and crimes against humanity; globally, the CCP has posed a significant threat to the survival of all humankind by spreading the Coronavirus and deeply interfering in the U.S. election. The United States government is about to define the CCP as a transnational criminal organization. Once the Justice League makes the decision, under the orders of President Trump, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, the U.S.-led NATO coalition will begin the ultimate battle, and justice will prevail over evil.

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