Lude Media: 12/14/2020 AG Barr Officially Left His Position; DOJ Issued 24 Criminal Subpeonas on Hunter Biden

LUDE MEDIA–Lu, Bo, Ai, Guan

Barr Officially Left His Position; DOJ Issued 24 Criminal summons to Hunter Biden; NATO Investage Solarwinds Cyber Attacks, Means what?

Lude Media Summary

Dec 14, 2020, Evening, Lu, Bo, Ai, & Guan

Barr, Hunter, & SolarWinds

1. AG Barr will be replaced by the Deputy AG Jeff Rosen. Barr represents the Republican establishment.

2. The DOJ sent out 24 additional criminal subpoenas on the Hunter Biden case. Lude says a few important people associated with Hunter were arrested.

3. Left media started to cover the Hunter scandal too. Xi intends to replace Biden with Harris.

4. The crime of election fraud has been committed after electors cast votes on Dec 14. It is time to charge the criminals.

5. The National Emergency Committee responsible for sanctions on the CCP has two Chinese and two Whistleblower’s Movement supporters as members.

6. NATO is assessing SolarWinds risk, which is at the center of a software breach that involves the US Treasury and Commerce Departments. SolarWinds has ties to the CCP backed funds. Cyber attack is an act of war and NATO will join the war against the CCP.

7. Conditions to take down the CCP:

a. Wake up the West about the threats from the CCP.

b. Convince allies that the NFSC will be the best candidate to rebuild China after the CCP is gone. G investment and G Music have demonstrated Chinese support for the NFSC.

c. Possess the financial capability to fund the operation. Notes by members of Himalaya New York MOS (USA)

Copywriting: Lude Media
Translation: Lude Media Translation Team

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