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LuDe Media 20201213 Evening News, New York Time

U.S. to Establish Special Committee on Sanctions Against CCP & U.S. Military to Enter Operational Readiness

LuDe Media said according to informed sources, after the U.S. National Security Council discussed and passed, Trump will officially fire off Barr and Ray tomorrow, and appoint a new independent prosecutor (to prepare the final election assessment report). The U.S. National Security Council has internally identified the CCP as a transnational criminal organization, and will set up a special committee to sanction the CCP and substantially extinguish its power (just action, without announcement).  The military will enter a state of war readiness against the CCP, followed by martial law, military control, and other actions.

Reasons for Previous Delay of Action

LuDe Media analyzed that the Director of National Intelligence’s report was completed a few days ago and has been in discussion at the National Security Council. The discussion focused on how the seized assets of the CCP would be divided. Everyone on the National Security Council represents the forces behind the swamp that control the United States and need to bargain to divide the big cake of seized CCP assets. Mr. Guo said during the live broadcast that the New Federal State of China is not strong enough compared to these forces, which indicates that the final distribution plan for the cake is nearing completion. Once the distribution plan is determined, actions followed to exterminate the CCP will be smooth.

Moreover, knowing that the United States would take actions, the CCP tried to negotiate with the forces behind the swamp, but because the CCP has done evil beyond its borders and lost credibility, no one will cooperate even if it offered a higher price.

Election Assessment Report Means the Era of the New Federal State of China Arrived

Once the election assessment report officially released, it means that the distribution plan has been determined, and that actions must be taken, as well as that the legal status of the New Federal State of China is officially recognized by the United States. The New Federal State of China will officially represent the Chinese people to receive the seized assets of the CCP kleptocrats.

U.S. Treasury Database Hacked by Foreign Government-backed Hackers

In response to the cyber-attack, the Department of Homeland Security said that the attack was a government-backed action, but did not name the country. Once the country is named, NATO must immediately go to war. These hackers were very well trained and attacked the database from a backdoor of Office365 through internal and external collusion and phishing. These hackers also attacked the National Telecommunications and Information Administration under the Department of Commerce.

2 Million CCP Members Penetrated 79,000 International Institutions

After the incident broke in August, Western countries verified and confirmed that these CCP members had penetrated companies such as HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Airbus, Boeing, Rolls Royce and numerous international organizations and institutions.

Cyber Attacks and CCP Member List Revealed Again to Set the Stage for Military Action

The Chinese Communist Party has a long history of cyberattacks and penetration, and the re-breaking of the story at this time is to set the stage for public opinion on the upcoming U.S. military actions.

Oracle Fled California Following Tesla

Both companies relocated from the leftist stronghold of Silicon Valley, California, to the Texas capital of Austin. Oracle, one of the Silicon Valley founders, voted with its feet, confirming that Silicon Valley is losing its status as a technology hub.

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