[Hong Kong News] Hong Kong is no longer a city called “all the way to the west”, Pompeo: Hong Kong becomes a city under the CCP

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US Secretary of State Pompeo issued a warning to business leaders around the world during an interview with the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Congress, saying that the United States has regarded Hong Kong as the same as China and will treat global trade and financial center-Hong Kong same as China. The Chief Executive Carrie Lam, who also participated in the summit, defended Hong Kong’s business environment during individual interviews, saying that Hong Kong is now very safe and now is the best time to do business in Hong Kong.

According to a report from [Stance News], during the summit Pompeo said that Hong Kong is now “just a city governed by the Chinese Communist Party.” The world and the business community should regard Hong Kong as no different from China.

The United States has imposed sanctions on China and Hong Kong several times in recent days, including blacklisting Chinese companies such as SMIC and CNOOC. In addition, the United States has recently sanctioned 14 Chinese officials for participating in the disqualification of four Hong Kong democratic members. In addition, due to the trade war, the United States has imposed tariffs on a number of Chinese imports.

Pompeo also said that some business leaders privately complained to him about being exploited by China.

Carrie Lam said in an interview at the summit that Hong Kong is the gateway to China and many companies are happy to see Hong Kong becoming safer now: “Now is one of the best times to come to Hong Kong to do business. Nothing has changed in recent years. It’s just that since June last year, the chaos that has plagued the business community and hit the business for a long time has gone.”

She also said that with the blessing of the CCP government, Hong Kong will play an important role in the development of the country, especially in the Greater Bay Area. The future is boundless, and enterprises should seize the opportunity to invest in Hong Kong. When asked that international companies might have concerns about Hong Kong’s freedom, Carrie Lam said that apart from freedom, the rule of law and stability are Hong Kong’s core values, and one country, two systems guarantees Hong Kong’s freedom. She also said that Hong Kong has always had an independent judicial system, an open and transparent legal system, and a legal aid system to ensure that everyone has fair protection.


Hong Kong under the National Security Law is no longer a member of the Western world. Hong Kong is under “One Country, Two Systems.” The Western world led by the United States once regarded Hong Kong as a member of a democratic society. The real value of Hong Kong is that it is part of the West and lies in “all the way to the west” instead of “all the way to the CCP.” Hong Kong serves as a window for China to move towards the West. The reason why the CCP can develop is depending on Hong Kong “all the way to the west.”

The CCP uses Hong Kong to counter the United States. The CCP’s so-called counter-control of the United States is actually suppressing Hong Kong people. It is not difficult to find a strange point: the more the United States speaks for the Hong Kong people, the more the CCP conducts arrests and freezes accounts in Hong Kong, such as The bank accounts of Li Zhiying, Zhou Ting, Huang Zhifeng, and Xu Zhifeng were frozen.

This series of small actions has far more impact. People have opened offshore accounts, greatly affecting the status of Hong Kong’s financial center and financial reputation. Mr. Lin Xingzhi said that Hong Kong should have done its best in technological innovation and other projects that rely on external forces, but these functions of Hong Kong are disappearing, and the accelerator is Mayor Carrie Lam.

During this visit, US Secretary of State Pompeo issued a warning to business leaders around the world that the United States has regarded Hong Kong as no different from China and will treat Hong Kong as a global trade and financial center in the same way as China. The US’s statement  will severely impact Hong Kong’s global financial business and the period of Hong Kong as an international financial center is coming to an end..

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4 months ago

Look at this ugly commie Chinese woman who dictates HK now. She deserves nothing but a fast bullet to her brain along with her partner Xitler & Wang Chi San of CCP.