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Section 4: How They Lead Their Organization

Picture Source: apnews.com

Picture Source: apnews.com

Mr. Bannon has restarted this organization as the president in 2019 and recalls some American elites. In this organization, the new vision is how to lead our people safely and freely live in the world without threat and fear of dictatorship. The vision is defined as the ultimate goal of what they would like to accomplish. The vision is necessary for an organization leader because it can make followers to know what the purpose they will work for, who they work for(Reference,6).

For instance, he has an excellent financial ability due to the experiences from Goldman Sachs and the MBA Degree. He knows how the CCP has been controlling the US government through big financial institutions, that is why he must lead his team member to do due diligence, and make the financial system of CCP to be exposed to the world. After the first mission statement, both Mr. Bannon and financier, Kyle Bass have led this organization to propose a new bill in congress(Reference 11). 

Further, Mr. Bannon has also led the committee as a marvelous strategic leader that is defined as the ability to anticipate and envision the future, maintain flexibility, think strategically and initiate changes.  Not only this is the core of a wonderful leader, but also it will create a competitive advantage for the organization in the future.

Since 2018, he has been saving the world and stopping the CCP to start the Third World War. Just like I learned in module 4, he has precisely anticipated the threat of the unrestricted war through Mr. Guo’s intelligence and also persuaded different politicians to abandon political interest for achieving the righteous alignment through fighting with the horrific CCP.  

Diversification is also a fundamental part of his team. It defined as the mix of different background races and cultures that can make a difference. Having a diversified team is important because these people can use their different perspectives and knowledge to significantly enhance their productivity.

Mr.Guo is from China. He is the only person knows the top secrets about the CCP including Hong Kong Finance, Bioweapon and BGY plan in the White House. Mr. Bannon has been collecting military intelligence from Mile Guo and also leading his expert of military intelligence Mr. Gertz to send the truth of COVID-19 to Mr. Trump. As a result, the president adopted suggestions from the committee of present danger. First, they stopped all flights between China and the USA as soon as possible. Second, they used BIO-TECH to rebuild the gene-coding and also built the biological computer instead of the binary computer for helping people who are suffering from this Bioweapon. (Reference 12)

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Original opinion article by Himalaya Gfarm Vancouver – 2020/12/14


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