UK Hawk English Channel EP. 3 on English Expose Station

Broadcast date: 11/Dec/2020; Speakers: Sky, Mike Hua, Jane, TCC, Lin, EK; Page: The Pawn

Summary: Mike Hua; PR: PhoebeJJ; Final read: TCC

TOPIC 1: President Trump retweeted Carlson Show about Di Dongsheng’s confession


Comment Summary:

Di Dongsheng is an associate dean of Renmin University in Beijing, which is equivalent to LSE in London. This dude was very arrogant about his successful compromise operation in the Swamp. Because he believed they got Joe in the White House, he said that the CCP had dealings with Hunter’s trust fund on a national television show. After knowing their stealing operation had failed, this video got deleted all over the Internet in the mainland China. This is the true face of the CCP; they are thieves, cheaters, liars and gangsters. We the Chinese people are here to tell the world that we don’t like them, and we don’t subscribe to their opinions and we are here to express our disgust to these scumbags.

TOPIC 2: Participants showed significant allergic reactions over Pfizer vaccination for the CCP virus on the first day of Vaccination in UK

Comment Summary:

Due to the lack of time to develop and test the vaccine in the public, there is huge uncertainty ahead of massive usage of Pfizer vaccine. According to their own data, a receiver might only get 7 days of immunity and have a risk of severe side effects. The vaccine is not tested in women in pregnancy, lactation, and planning to be pregnant. On the first day of UK public vaccination, there were 2 adverse allergic incidences.

The vaccine is another biological warfare launched by the CCP and the Swamp to control people around the world. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), a safe and cheap drug, might be perfect for prevention and treatment for early infection. However, this information was blocked because the Swamp and the big pharma cannot make money out of it. People need to know the truth and protect themselves from the CCP virus and its vaccine.

TOPIC 3: Mr. Giuliani recovered from the CCP virus quickly

Comment Summary:

Mr. Giuliani was treated with a therapy that is supposed to be applied to patients with severe symptoms, meaning Mr. Giuliani developed severe symptoms immediately after confirming the infection. Normally, people will develop symptoms gradually, in accordance with the amount of the virus, i.e., viral load, in the body. Since Mr. Giuliani developed severe symptoms in a very short time frame, there was only one explanation. It was very likely that “somebody” deliberately poisoned him with large amount of the CCP virus. We don’t believe in conspiracy theories, but neither do we believe in coincidences. We pray and wish Mr. Giuliani get well soon. He is indeed a key warrior to successfully take down the CCP.

TOPIC 4: Designation of the CCP as a transnational criminal organization

News Link: thehill

Comment Summary:

The CCP is intrinsically different from the Chinese people. Most of the CCP members join the party simply because they have no choices. There is only one party in China, and they control all the resources. When people want to get promotion for their hard work, the only way to climb the ladder is to join the CCP. Many CCP members are unaware of the inside matter because the CCP operates in a not-very-transparent manner, even to its own party members. Many CCP members don’t like the Party either, but they simply want to make their life easier. The Chinese ordinary people are the victims of the CCP and suffer the most from the CCP’s evil regime.

We, the citizens of the New Federal State of China, urge and strongly support the designation of the CCP as a transnational criminal organization and should be punished using Magnitsky Act, especially to a dozen families at the top official levels of the CCP.

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