[News Ahead] Covid-19 Pandemic back in 3 provinces of China in one week

By Cosmo

Covid-19 cases are all round in China again with local cases being reported in multi provinces recently.

This week, following the successive outbreak in Chengdu (city) of Sichuan (Province), Dongning (City) and Suifenhe (City) of Heilongjiang (Province), three asymptomatic patients were also found in Turpan (city) in Xinjiang (Province) today. Many cities across China declared to enter a wartime stage in handling this Covid-19 wave.

On Dec 7th, in the late night, after the notification of 2 local cases in the Pidu District of Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, the epidemic was spreading out rapidly via one patient who reveled in several bars involving half extent of the city before the diagnosis, which made the authorities order to quickly enter city wartime state. Later, On Dec 10th,
Dongning City and Suifenhe City in Heilongjiang Province also each added one local case and these two cities have consecutively declared into the wartime state to carry out the prevention and control deployment. Dongning City has also implemented community lockdown, requiring inhabitants not to leave the city unless necessary.

The Health Commission of Turpan City in Xinjiang informed today that three persons from one family were diagnosed as asymptomatic patients during the regular nucleic acid tests on key populations in Gaochang District.

Chinese Communist party has claimed China only has foreign imported Covid-19 cases for a long time, and lately, this regime is vigorously promoting Chinese Covid-19 vaccines to the world. Now, the local Covid-19 cases found in several provinces one after another just in one week, along with the hard response from local authorities, all these have to make people suspect the Chinese actual Covid-19 case numbers and the effectiveness of the Chinese Covid-19 vaccines.


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