CCP-Virus Pandemic Daily Updates EP321 (Dec 11, 2020)[En Sub/Dub]

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  • Tucker: A Chinese Intelligent agent called Fangfang cultivated a number of Democratic officeholders. Eventually, she fled the US for China while under FBI investigation.
  • The Mudanjiang city and Dongning city in Heilongjiang province were locked down because of the CCP virus breakout.
  • Media in Communist China began to pave the way for pension deficits and the upcoming bankruptcy of the pension system.
  • Real estate market in Communist China is on the verge of collapse, but the demolitions show no signs of stopping.
  • Delaware Attorney General’s Office officially launched an investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax issues.
  • Lin Wood posted a tweet calling for the people to download all videos supporting Trump and revealing the truth, because YouTube will delete all such videos.


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[En Dub] CCP-Virus Pandemic Daily Updates EP321 (Dec 11)
[En Sub] CCP-Virus Pandemic Daily Updates EP321 (Dec 11)

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