Words From Miles EP.8


We are all fantasizing, all our comrades in arms are fantasizing that the Americans will take down the Communist Party for us, and I can tell you that the Americans will not take down the Communist Party for us, they need us to help them take down the Communist Party, but ultimately it is up to us to take down the Communist Party.

– Words from Miles on September 13, 2020


We can no longer bow down to any country or nation; we can have a thousand years of peace with the Western world, but we must never lose a second of our dignity. That’s what we must do!

– Words from Miles on September 13, 2020


Mankind has created a variety of religions which are the way to communicate with the heavens, this is why the Communist Party, the son of a bitch,said that it is very funny to fight with the heavens ,fight with the earth and fight with the people, it must be destroyed, it also will be destroyed without the Whistleblower’s Movement!

– Words from Miles on September 13, 2020


We are helped by God, but more importantly, we must help ourselves. We can’t develop the Whistleblower’s Movement and take down the CCP without you! And it shouldn’t be without you! Unless you’ve given up yourself, that’s your problem, no matter who gives up and who does not give up.

– Words from Miles on September 13, 2020


Different nationalities, different locations, different environments,it will produce different kind of music, what kind of people will elect what kind of government, today the evildoing of Chinese government is the simplest epitome of our Chinese people.

– Words from Miles on September 13, 2020


Bannon is a populist, speaking for the common people and for the poor. When has he spoken for the rich? He almost attacked the richest, the most powerful and famous people in the world, so he has offended so many people with vested interests now.

– Words from Miles on September 19, 2020


When others give us respect, we don’t understand that they give us respect, and when they treat us well, we Chinese will not cherish it. I went to Africa in particular. In those years, I felt that the country treated the Chinese more harshly, the more honest the Chinese were.

– Words from Miles on September 19, 2020

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1 year ago

Africans hate the CCP, but get mixed up and think all Chinese people are the same. They do not know about your movement Mr. G