Former Apple Employee Sues Apple for Discrimination Based on Political Affiliation, Superior Court Suggests the Case to Move Forward

Rica Machioni 

Mr. Pham, a former Apple employee who worked as an iOS App Reviewer in Cupertino, California, sued Apple for its punitive wrongful termination based on political reasons. The Superior Court responded that the case could go forward. Pham alleged in the motion that Apple harassed and eventually dismissed him mainly due to his approval to publish the Guo Media App, as Apple supervisor claimed that “Guo Media App is critical of the Chinese government, and therefore should be removed.” 

Mr.Pham’s motion toward Apple Inc. and his major complaints

Guo Media is an App established by Guo Wengui, who fled China due to the regime’s persecution of his businesses and family members to seek asylum in the United States in 2014. He usually uses Guo Media to publicly criticize Communist China and disclose insider information regarding the politicians within the regime. 

Founder of the Guo Media, Miles Guo

The document alleged, “after Pham approved the Guo Media App, the Chinese government contacted Apple and demanded that the Guo Media App be removed from Apple’s App Store. Apple then performed an internal investigation and identified Pham as the reviewer who approved it.” 

Shortly after the Chinese government’s message, Pham was invited to a meeting with multiple managers and supervisors to discuss the matter. Apple’s supervisor told Pham that the Guo Media App “is critical of the Chinese government, and should therefore be removed from the Apple Store.” Pham responded to their claim saying that the content the Guo Media App published regarding the Chinese Communist Party’s corruption was valid.

Mr.Pham’s allegation in his motion

“There is no content on the Guo Media App that is violent or liable to incite violence, that this App does not violate any of Apple’s policies and procedures in regards to Apps, and therefore it should remain on the App Store as a matter of free speech.” Mr. Pham, who obtained about a 5-year professional experience as an App Reviewer at Apple, explained to the group of supervisors and managers in the meeting. Upon hearing Pham’s explanation and critics of the CCP, Manager Chipman along with other managers terminated his term of position as a retaliation. 

The Superior Court’s Decision
Judge Socrates Peter Manoukian at the Superior Court of the County of Santa Clara in the State of California handed the decision stating that the claims against Apple’s political discrimination and retaliation can proceed further.

Decisions of the Superior Court, State of California, County of Santa Clara

The Superior Court’s decision is solid proof of CCP’s infiltration of the big tech companies in America to surpass the freedom of speech. The CCP taught them to shut all American’s mouths by censoring content, and brainwash Americans by spreading its propaganda. The tech companies obeyed and colluded with the CCP because they didn’t want to lose the lucrative market. However, upon revelations of Apple’s shady bond with the CCP, it will not only lose money, which Apple has been fighting hard for decades but the essential moral standards and integrity of an American Corporation, and therefore losing its hard-earned reputation. According to Lude Media on Dec 10, many other big media companies have similar or even stronger bonds with the CCP, and that is why Section 230 should be terminated to help to drain the flooded swamp in the country. 

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5 months ago

This is very good news. I love my Guo Media App and it works very well. Apple must not be persuaded by the CCP to remove it from their store or to be able to discriminate or try to intimidate an employee for political reasons. NOT IN THE UNITED STATES! I am so thankful that the judge has followed the law and has approved that this case moves ahead. It is time for technology companies to be stopped undermining U.S. citizens by their Treason.

5 months ago
Reply to  rumorct

Absolutely 💯✖️💯 Agreed!