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Section 2: How They Lead Themselves

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About Steve Bannon, his personality is righteous and sympathetic, and he also believes (value) everyone should be safely and freely living in the world without fear or threat. As I learned in class, Mr. Bannon will build the relationship and results through what he has been believing.

He is also a super resilient person. Resilience is defined as the capacity to respond quickly and constructively in a crisis(Reference,1). Resilience is critical for a leader so they can be a good role model during highly stressful times. Since Mr. Trump has become the president, Bannon has also joined the white house. However, a lot of media has been saying he is a far-right person that will also put more pressure on the white house team, so Mr. Bannon was willing to leave the white house. Even though this way will be harder to fulfill his duty, he still can find another way to do his job after he has left the official position (Reference,7).

Both freedom and safety are Mr. Bannon’s value. Values are defined as fundamental beliefs that an individual considers to be important, that are relatively stable over time and that have an impact on attitudes, perceptions and behavior.(Reference,2) Leaders that demonstrate strong values, often are seen as more trustworthy.

For example, we know a lot of European countries were willing to use Huawei as their telecommunication supplier, but this supplier will significantly hurt world safety because both the north America and Europe have been sharing intelligence in NATO, and the Huawei also has been stealing technology and information to kill innocent people who are around the world as badly as Chinese people.

As a result, Mr. Bannon must make a transformation to become a civil embassador in different countries. He also held a lot of seminars with senior officers who are from the top of European governments and lobbied other countries asking them to stop doing business with Huawei. He feels that people’s freedom is not tradable as goods or services,but it is necessary as air or water. Finally,  Mr. Bannon has successfully persuaded European countries to ditch the Huawei as their telecommunication supplier (Reference,8).

To be continued.


Original opinion article by Himalaya Gfarm Vancouver – 2020/12/11


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