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Section 1: Introduction

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Mr. Steve Bannon will be in this leadership final project as the protagonist.

As a typical American politician, he was a blue-collar, Irish Catholic and used to serve for US Navy between 1976-1983. After he graduated from Harvard University with an MBA degree, he worked in Goldman Sachs as a vice president. 

Besides, he is not a typical politician who could be lying, struggling and playing,that is also why he has left the position of white house chief strategist and senior counselor of Mr. Trump since Mr. Trump has become the president of the US. By contrast, he started personal transformation,which is becoming a leader of social activists instead of the leader of politics or the White house.

All his experiences are critical to be shown because what he has been doing will relate those experiences as a new era leader.

First, he has successfully helped Mr. Trump to win the 2016 presidential election through populism which means we should not feed money to the non-real economy including Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and Blackstone even though they must be saved due to their illusory capital size. 

Second, he has been working for the 2020 presidential election of Mr. trump through fighting against the evil Chinese Communist Party that is without a paycheck, and he also refused billions and billions of dollars lobbying of the Chinese Communist Party or the wall street because he chose to fight for innocent Chinese people who have been suffering organ harvesting, dictatorship and infernal living standard.

In this project, I will NOT discuss politics either in the US or China, but I will introduce how Mr. Bannon leads our people to choose justice and correct the excessive political correctness.

To be continued.


Original opinion article by Himalaya Gfarm Vancouver – 2020/12/10


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