Pompeo’s Speech: CCP Infiltration of U.S. High Schools

  • Editor: Víctor Torres
  • Author: 神奇四侠
  • Translator: Ranting

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke at Georgia Tech on Wednesday about President Trump’s determination to change aspects of his unbalanced relationship with the Chinese Communist Party, highlighting its infiltration of U.S. universities and its theft of technology, and reminding universities to remain vigilant.

In the context of the CCP’s ongoing infiltration and theft of U.S. universities, Pompeo reminded Americans that the CCP will unscrupulously achieve its goals, and that these practices undermine U.S. national security.

In his speech, Pompeo again distinguished between the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese people, and argued that they are different.

In discussing President Trump’s China policy, he said, President Trump has told us about the risks posed by the Chinese Communist Party, we have cooperated and compromised with the Chinese Communist Party for the past 50 years, and now President Trump has decided not to back down.

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