The Comparison of CCP and Soviet Propagandas (4)

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China learned how to be a communist nation from the Soviet Union – the Soviet Union of Stalin. Chinese communist propaganda started in 1950.

“praise to the Soviet people, creators of mighty aviation! 1954!”(Lafont 169)

The early Chinese communist propaganda depicted a body type characteristic of Asians – slim, small, less muscle development.

Distributing land, 1948 (Landsberger,p. 35)
“Founding Ceremony of People’s Republic of China” ,the slogan says that “the central people’s government constitutes the only legitimate government of all the people of the people of the People’s Republic of China” (Landsberger,p. 37)

These examples, which include representatives of all the political groups within China (defined by different styles of dress etc). Note that all of these posters present the Chinese people in a typical Asian physical appearance. Their faces are typically Asian (more flat than Caucasian).

Suddenly after 1951, the style of communist propaganda in China changed to match that of the Soviet Union style. This was largely due to the cooperation between communist China and Soviet that began in 1949.

We want peace! (1950) (Ехориа and иоффе  143)
“More production!  More contribution!”  (1951) (Landsberger 43)

For example, the Chinese man in the poster above, has been presented as very masculine. In particular, his arms and broad shoulders show that he is very strong. The whole poster represents a strong an energetic man is working hard to contribute for the country. The slogan says “more production!  More contribution!”  Even the Chinese man’s facial structure has changed to a more western standard (large nose, concaves eyes) – very similar to the style of the Soviet Union. If one compares these two posters , it is clear that the general communist Chinese propaganda had stated to change to a more Soviet style by 1951. 

More interestingly, even propaganda that depicted Mao Zengdong began to change to the Caucasian standard . His westernized face is more like Soviet face from Soviet propaganda.

A photo of Mao (BBS, pres. 1)
The initial depiction of Mao in 1949
The transformed face of Mao in 1950s or 1960s

Compare the face in the posters to real face of Mao Zengdong, and to the earliest posters depicting Mao in 1949. It is clear to tell that his face had been re-designed into western features. In the reality, although Mao naturally had a larger nose than the typical Chinese face, in the redesigned face, Mao had more westernized facial structure. Communist Chinese propaganda not only had similar character and design as Soviet propaganda, but it also, had very similar content.

The Chinese Communist Party learned the Soviet ruling style to control China. From analysis the propaganda, one can have a visual historical record of the similarity in styles for China from 1949 to 1976 and Stalin’s Soviet Union.  In this section, the propagandas will be compared into the classification of great leaders, military, Agriculture and Industrial, Culture Revolution and the Great Purge.

To be countined.


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