Follow up! [CUHK Parade] CUHK call police, then 8 people were arrested. The Student Union issued a statement reprimanding the school for being a evil

Compilation: WenYue
Translator: Doco文鼎

The STANDNEWS report on December 7: [Review of the incident] The Chinese University of Hong Kong changed the graduation ceremony originally scheduled for November 19 to be held online this year because of the epidemic. However, more than 100 CUHK students returned to school to launch a “graduation parade.” Someone in the parade carried banners such as “Recover Hong,Hong Kong Revolution” and “Hong Kong Independence”. The school has called the police several times. Afterwards, the Education Bureau strongly condemned people for organizing demonstrations and gatherings without notifying with them. During the period, they also pointed out that some people shouted and displayed “Hong Kong Independence” messages, which may have violated the “Hong Kong National Security Law.”

On November 20, a large number of police officers from the National Security Department entered CUHK to search for evidence. Staff from the Security Department of CUHK led the way and showed the police different photos and documents. They went to several buildings such as Jingwen Book College, United Book College, and New Asia Book College.Then, take some of the pictures about walls suspected of being graffiti. On the same day, Wireless News quoted reports that the National Security Office of the police has locked some people and will request video clip from CUHK for investigation. The news also pointed out that it was not cleared whether all the people who participated in the graduation parade are CUHK students.

On the morning of the 7th, the police arrested 8 men in the CUHK graduation ceremony parade last month, accusing them of participating in an unauthorized assembly. Among them, 3 non-Chinese university students were also accused of inciting secession. The CUHK Student Union issued a statement in the evening, saying that the arrest was due to the fact that the CUHK report to the police. The act was really horrible and unforgivable.

The statement was issued in conjunction with the student associations of other CUHK colleges. They refers to caring for society, embracing universal values, and pursuing justice. It should be that every institution aspires to the character that its students will have. However, CUHK does not do anything for society injustice. He was willing to be the white glove of the political power to suppress the remaining freedom on campus, condemned aspiring and ideological graduates, and even reported to the police, disrupted the trust between students and the school, and discarded the school ideas of the school, criticized school personnel for “resigning themselves to slavery” and degrading the CUHK as a book store.


The statement of the CUHK Student Union was so painful. Students and schools are like children and mothers. CUHK reported to the police is like the mother reported her children as rapists.What a tragedy.

I still remember last year’s “CUHK Defence War”. Countless teachers and students, including graduated alumni, joined forces to fight against the ravages of the police on campus. That night, the school’s top officials also visited the students on the front line and negotiated with the police. The student, teacher, school officer unity became a legend.

In just one year, the situation has undergone earth-shaking changes. “Under totalitarianism, what is the guilty of shouting out the vision for the future of Hong Kong on campus?”. The students’ questioning showed that power cannot make a group of young people who have incorporated democracy and freedom into their blood bow their heads. “Life will never stop fighting.” The righteous forces of the world are standing with the brave Hong Kong people. Every faint spark gathering, will eventually ignite the fire of hope.

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