Miles Guo broadcast in 4/13/2019:Defining the Thieves Group as a terrorist organization

Dictated by HimalayaCT-64himalaya
Translated by HimalayaCT-Antsee-GTV
Proofreading and revised by HimalayaCT-YY
Subtitles by HimalayaCT- Wenhao
Audited by HimalayaCT-Wenyun

This is the fundamental prerequisite for the cooperation between Rule of Law Foundation and Committee on the Present Danger.

The Chinese people must be distinguished from the CCP(Chinese Communist Party).

The overwhelming majority of the Communist Party must be separated from the few demon party members.

Have you seen it done?

Next, We will cooperate on the following matters: Overseas, in various countries, the full launch of operations to define it as a criminal organization or a terrorist organization, like the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The Jiang family, these families, and all the people including Jiang Zhicheng must be included in the list of criminal and terrorist organizations.

I don’t believe that their heads are made of steel,

I don’t believe that they are invulnerable.

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