Miles (2019): Rule of Law Foundation Will Get Huge Whistleblower Rewards from Exposing CCP Families’ Money Laundering & Will Give it Back to Donors

As early as January 16, 2019, when it’s still at the preparatory stage of Rule of Law Foundation (ROLF), Mr. Miles Guo proposed that the ROLF would focus on exposing the money laundering of the CCP members overseas and by doing that, it would get huge rewards from the US government, as much as 15% to 30% of the total monetary recovery according to the law. He said the money would be spent on taking down the CCP, helping people persecuted by the CCP, and giving back to donors in a legal form.

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“The next step is about this foundation in the U.S. and also a financial institution, which is the future Rule of Law Foundation, our foundation. We are discussing how to share the whistleblower rewards for reporting wrongdoing obtained by the foundation with many of our brothers-in-arms, but the attorneys haven’t replied yet. We’re going to meet this noon. 

That is to say, whoever donates money to the Rule of Law Foundation in the future… If the foundation detects overseas money laundering and exposes hundreds of Chinese companies for fraud and get rewards, then that will be big money — 15% to 30% [of the total monetary recovery].

Then, after saving our grassroots, people who are pro-democracy, Tibetans, Xinjiang people, ethnic minorities, religious people, and intellectuals who were framed by the Communist Party, the remaining money will be returned in proportion [to donors]. 

In other words, this will be the world’s first fund that may win a country and get tens of thousands to hundreds of millions-fold return, but this needs to be legally justified. We are going to discuss this at noon today. So, brothers-in-arms, I’m mainly working on this. That’s why I got up early and work out quickly.

There will be several meetings to go to today. There are reports and interviews on money laundering. There is also one [meeting] about HNA, Deutsche Bank, Qatar, and another one is also very important, that is about the children of senior officials in China are laundering and hiding money overseas. Another meeting today is about whether the Rule of Law Foundation, as a charitable fund, can legally obtain huge rewards overseas in the future.

In the future, in addition to [using the donated money on] taking down the CCP legally, the rewards will be given back to those, for example, who have donated money. For example, our Political Affairs Brother, well, this kid will not donate money, this kid will spend all his money on Dou Dou [his girl friend]. Suppose he donates 1 dollar (1 dollar at most), or suppose Mu Lan donates 10 million dollars. 

After they donate money, and the Rule of the Law Foundation successfully exposes [the wrongdoings of] Jack Ma, whose assets are in the hundreds of billions of dollars. If this is the case, according to the law of the United States, 15% to 30% [of the total monetary recovery] should be given back [to whom reported the case]. That will be tens of billions of dollars. How can you spend all of money – the tens of billions of dollars. What should you do? I said that you can return the money to the original donors, tens to one hundred times more than how much they donated. However, there exist the tax issues in the US. For charitable funds, every transaction needs to be crystal clear in terms of where it goes. But it is not impossible, so we have to discuss this matter.

In addition to taking down the CCP with the law, we also hope that we can make a profit from doing this. I am a businessman, right? How can you ask everyone to donate money? Apart from destroying the CCP, I need to give people something back. This is what I want to do. They think I’m crazy. The attorneys think I am a crazy guy because no one else thinks like that. I said it is because no one else thinks that way, I will think that way.”

【Editorial】Recently the US government announced the sanctions of 14 high-ranking CCP officials. Lude also called on brothers-in-arms in his morning program on December 8 to actively provide clues about these CCP members’ hidden properties and assets overseas to get huge returns. For more information, please search the official website of US Securities and Exchange Commission:


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