[Breaking News] Governor Kemp Asks for Chinese Companies to Invest in Georgia in a Video

Reported by MOS Rica Machioni 

On Sunday afternoon, a Twitter account @breakingAllDay shared a Chinese website featuring Governor Brian Kemp soliciting for Chinese investments in Georgia. The website also has a list of Chinese businesses who “successfully” ran their corporations in Georgia with the help of the local government, one of which was owned by the Chinese government. 

China Eastern Cargo is a company affiliated with China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited that is headquartered in Shanghai. A total of 23 Chinese companies are listed on the website, ranging from industries like cargo, textile, and polymer, to electronics and technology. 

“I am not a fan of the flag directly behind @BrianKempGA, I love the American flag,” Lin Wood, the attorney of the Trump Legal Team, commented on Kemp’s video. 

On December 3, Governor Brian Kemp publicly called for a ballot audit in the state of Georgia regarding the evidence presented in Georgia’s hearings. Kayleigh McEnany tweeted his interview with Fox News and questioned: “What takes him so long?” 

In the situation where Georgia appeared massive voter fraud, the governor has the right to declare a state of emergency and enforce an action toward ballot harvesting, according to Georgia Code. However, Governor Kemp failed to act immediately even after watching hearings in Georgia. 

His urges for Chinese investment may raise the flag of which he may have a close tie with Communist China, and this could be seen from his delayed reaction amid the blatant voter fraud in Georgia. What’s even more interesting about the election is that Governor Kemp signed the bill in 2019 to use the Dominion Voting Machines in the 2020 election. 

“There are no coincidences.” Lin Wood commented on a post that questioned Governor Kemp’s behaviour of having the Chinese investment website. 

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