How CCP’s propaganda had developed from Soviet Union(1)

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The Soviet Union was the first, the largest, and the most powerful communist country. During the 1920s, the government of the Soviet Union attempted to support the establishment of communist parties in other countries, such as Germany, France, China and so on. Communist parties failed to obtain any real power in most of those countries, but the Communists eventually rose to dominance in China.

As a communist nation, China was supported by the Soviet government from its beginnings until Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev became the leader of the USSR. This influence continues to this very day. During the communist period, the government of the People’s Republic of China learned how to establish its own influence from the methods of the Soviets. During the communist age, both the Soviet Union and China produced a huge amount of propaganda intended to publicize national policy and communist ideology.

This propaganda played an important role establishing the communist nations.

Propaganda is strongly associated with political ideology in communist period in Soviet and China. It has a direct or indirect impact on people’s ideology, attitudes, values, beliefs and conduct. It is also focused on “emphasizing either rational argumentation or the rallying of sympathy through a variety of emotional registers.” (Brandenberger  6).

In my opinion, propaganda is able to influence people both externally (conduct) and internally (thoughts). In other word, according to the political needs, propagandas tell people what have they do to be accept under the communist culture. Then individuals’ conduct would change due to their re-formed opinions (external change).

After people get use to do with certain behavior, and with expose with huge amount of propagandas, therefore, individuals’ value, attitude to guide and form individuals’ opinions (internal change). For example, propaganda may use ideology to influence the identification of the enemies of China, people start to organized activities to against the enemies. After people particular a lot of the activities, their opinions and personalities may change as well.

Indeed, such changes are the goal of the political propaganda. Since propaganda is a powerful tool it is important to understand its role in the history of communist nations.

China was directly influenced the Soviet Union. China perceived the Soviet Union as its model. Communist China imitated the governing style from the Soviet Union. To effectively and quickly spread the communist ideology, the new government of China simply adapted and used Soviet propaganda, which had already been successfully used by Soviet over 30 years.

The goal of this article is the comparison of Soviet and communist China propagandas. From this comparison, one can see the strength of the Soviet influence in communist China. The first part of this work is a brief history of Soviet propaganda. The second part is a brief history of earliest propaganda of communist Chinese The third part is the more elaborate link between the older propaganda of the older Soviet Union and the newer propaganda of the new communist China.

To be countined.

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