Condensed Summary of Mr. Mask’s Show (12/04/2020)

Translated by: Himalaya CT-KY
Edited by: Himalaya CT-64 Himalaya, Antsee-GTV
Proofreading and revised by: Himalaya CT-Freeearth
Editor: Himalaya CT-V

Dear comrades in arms, everyone, I am Mr. Mask.

1. CCP is about to be wiped out, but don’t let the Chinese people to be the fodders. This is the most important situation we have to thinking about and to do now. The most important thing is how to ensure that when the world wants to eliminate CCP, the nearly 1.6 billion Chinese at home and abroad can be minimized. The destruction of communism is a just war. If the destruction of communism becomes the destruction of China, the destruction of the Chinese people is definitely a disaster. At the end, everything depends on strength, and strength is the most important. I saw many comrades in arms today who were very  depressed because after listened Miles Guo’s live broadcast. My comrades-in-arms, when you feel grave, you should also feel lucky. This world is bound to be reversed. When you see the most miserable moment, you must also see that another window will open. If there is no breaking news about the Whistleblower Movement, without the New Federal States of China, without Miles Guo and so many comrades-in-arms, you will not even have the chance to know what kind of disaster you are going to face. This is the precise reason we should cheer up the most, because we know what kind of disaster we are going to face and who brought us the disaster, and then what we should do. This is what we should consider  about the most. Miles Guo said that the New Federal States of China was too trivial and did not turn things around, but I think Miles Guo is too humble. It is revealed that the the Whistleblower Movement and New Federal State of China has turned things around and changed the world. Before the disaster strikes, to convey the truest truth to the comrades in arms, and to let them know everything in advance are the Whistleblower Movement.

When we know the future disaster we are about to face, our comrades in arms must think about that we have hands, we have mouths, we have strong beliefs and will, and countless comrades in arms around the world and established Himalayan farms to protect Chinese and our comrades. Breaking the Whistleblower Movement is a great gift for comrades in arms, and the New Federal States of China is a gift from heaven to comrades in arms. The Whistleblower Movement may not be the most powerful, but it (the Whistleblower Movement, the New Federal States of China and Himalayan farms around the world) is the only hope and support that can effectively deal with the imminent disaster and the change of the fate of the Chinese. I hope that every comrade-in-arms will use actions to make this only hope and power stronger and more powerful! The emergence of Washington and Yuan Shikai requires conditions. If we believe that the New Federal States of China is stronger, more powerful, and more influential, we will have more voice and will have greater influence on the direction of the entire world. Never let fear, loss, and suspicion take the slightest place in your heart, because that doesn’t help. I believe that the revolution in the past three years has been given all comrades-in-arms and destined people such energy and awareness. Life has no more than 30,000 days, and everyone will die, but the Whistleblower Movement lets us know who is our enemy. With all the disasters facing today, who put our families and children in danger today? It’s CCP.

2. Mr. Guo said in the live broadcast today: ” We did our best to save some people. It is too little to compared to 1.4 billion people. In Hong Kong, all the injuries suffered to Hong Kong people will get an instant reincarnation on our mainland. Thousands of times, remember what I say today. It’s definitely not a hundred times, you think about it, thousands of times. Whether there is anyone now, believe it or not, I really don’t care about this. I hope that all Chinese people, but God wants to give you a life to give you safety, I hope you must think long-term. I say this to all the people who are destined for the New Federal States of China and the Whistleblower Movement, which of course includes all our comrades-in-arms.

In the next three months, when we see the Whistleblower Movement and New Federal States of China again, you will not look at us as you did three years ago. You will look up, and you will regret it, but I hope you still have a chance to regret. All of our Whistleblower Movement comrades overseas, you think you are lucky and you  think you are safe to stay outside. Yes, it is in the short term,  but it is invisible in the long term. Overseas Chinese, you are completely unaware of the CCP’s ill-fated and living environment difficulties in the future, and I have not seen one of you soberly realize it.

There are only two endings. Either the war of all mankind will be destroyed, or the CCP will be destroyed by the combined forces of the Western world and the United States, which is even more powerful than the eight-nation coalition. Smashed, smashed, only these two endings. The whole world is over, or CCP is over. For these two endings, there will be no third, and absolutely no third. What Miles Guo has told you in the past three years is not just my blunt, not a prediction. You will see a series of actions. No matter how lucky you are, no matter how uncomfortable you see. You think that the Western world will never say that the vaccine following this virus incident will be the second disaster.?”

My comrades-in-arms, Mr. Guo mentioned Hong Kong, and the actions of Hong Kong compatriots inspires me all the time. What happened to them today is what is going tohappen to the ignorant Chinese compatriots who supported the CCP tomorrow. Hong Kong compatriots have done nothing wrong, and CCP is doing evil things. Then you have to pay a price for helping evil, supporting evil, and silently doing evil. China is now the world of CCP, but the world is not. It is the United States, it is the world of justice and conscience. You think everything seems to be pretty good in China, and the United States is still in chaos. It seems that we have not seen the situation of eliminating CCP together. That is because you are at the bottom of the well. CCP has covered you with a cover so that you can’t see it. You don’t know what the real power in the world is preparing at outside. There will be  the international military actions with no toleration to  against CCP.  You can see that.

3. Regarding martial law, Mr. Guo talked about: ” The implementation of the entire law of war and martial law during the Lincoln era in the Civil War was a trivial matter. Remember what I say today. It is all trivial. Remember, these methods have been considered a few months ago. He played bigger than this, and his thought is farther than this. President Trump must be a Washington-level person in the history of the United States. Out China will also come out of a Washington-level person, and Yuan Shikai will also come out, and Gorbachev will definitely come out. Remember, now the entire Chinese domestic economy is food, and remember that food is everything that is stable. The people who don’t have food will be sheeps. If there is no grass to eat, the sheep will eat something that preventing the sheep from eating. That is wolf. Sheep will also eat wolves, and sheep heads in wolf skins will also eats it. When Chinese people’s children, family members, houses, and cars are all useless, and there is no gas, the Chinese people will go to the streets. Don’t worry, everyone. Don’t groan over there every day! Quick action! What did you do? What are you doing? You do like Lude Media, like Mulan, like SARA. You act like comrades-in-arms and sisters on our farms everywhere. What are you doing? If you have no good words to praise, shut up. You will guide Japan for a while, and then guide the people in China. How old are you? Let us also remember that I always tell myself that Miles Guo is nothing, and I will tell everyone what I have experienced. We are nothing without comrades in arms.”

My comrades-in-arms, Gorbachev in the former forced out Soviet Union was in a certain extent, and the choices of our compatriots in China will determine the direction of the entire domestic situation. Choosing whether to choose the righteous force represented by the Whistleblower Movement and New Federal States of China or the CCP will greatly affect the appearance of Washington and Yuan Shikai. Now is the best time to choose, and everything is never too late. As long as you choose is always the best moment.

4. The US State Department issued the latest policy: Shorten the maximum validity period of the B1/B2 non-immigrant business visa and tourist visa of the Communist Party of China and its immediate family members from 10 years to 1 month. The State Council stated that the measure aims to protect the country from the “harmful effects” of CCP. The number of B1/B2 visas issued by the United States to mainland Chinese citizens has dropped from more than 60,000 in October last year to only 61 in October this year. Then let’s take a look at the US Director of National Intelligence, who said that the CCP is the biggest threat to global democracy and freedom since World War II. The top US intelligence official said on Thursday that China is determined to dominate the world. The intelligence is very clear that China intends to dominate the United States and other countries in the world economically, militarily, and technologically. CCP wants to challenge the United States and control the United States. Usually, Americans are naive. When they really want to work, the rigor and efficiency are beyond imagination. The United States is ultimately invincible every time it really enters a war and needs to fight. That is a real wolf. CCP is on the contrary. It doesn’t matter if he is usually set for one statue, but in fact, if something goes wrong with this one, the whole country will fall into riot. For example, if the head is beheaded, it is very likely that the warlords have a separatist regime, and there is this tradition, and it is a mess for the outside, and absolutely a rampage for the inside. President Trump is not hesitating at all when it comes to major issues he identifies in the Middle East. So everything can happen next, and the United States is here for real. With all the dilemmas and disasters facing the world, the only way to solve the problems is: Take Down CCP. Miles Guo’s song will be a good medicine for restoring order in the whole world, because the solution is Take Down CCP.

5. In addition, we saw a piece of news that the United States banned the import of cotton from Xinjiang, China. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed that the United States was concocting false news about forced labor. Let me share with you briefly that the economy of CCP over the years has mainly been the export of low-cost labor products, and low prices in exchange for competitiveness. In fact, it cannot earn money from doing business with other countries, but steals it. The so-called big country economy is to steal some technology and rob some things. Once the United States bans imports, in other words, your things are cheap but I don’t want them, and I don’t want them as cheap as you are. Today is cotton, what’s next? I don’t want all of your exports, and cut it off completely. The United States’ elimination of CCP will also proceed from its own interests, how to eliminate communism in maximize efficiency, minimize loss, and maximize gain. So, how to prevent the Chinese people from receiving greater harm and loss in this crisis can only rely on our Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal States of China. Today, to see all these things that have happened in the world, there are only few that have nothing to do with the Whistleblower Movement. What is the significance and value of the Whistleblower Movement to us? And the spirit of he Whistleblower Movement existence will take root and sprout in the hearts of every destined person, grow into towering trees to provide shade for future generations and continue to pass on. In fact, the Whistleblower Movement has already turned things around and changed the world, just by what kind of standard to measure and treat it. Of course, we cannot use absolute standards like “what must be done right away”. Therefore, the belief of each of us, comrades-in-arms, is very important. It has nothing to do with the external environment. Don’t change it easily because of the current dissatisfaction or disaster. Of course, CCP’evil and black tactics, let alone Chinese people, can’t stand it. Changing to American people is the same. The evil people are ruthless and cruel. The Chinese people are disadvantaged groups and victims. They have been brainwashed and ruled for 70 years. It is not easy. So my comrades in arms, the strong mightl not be forgive by others but the strong will forgive others. I think that when Mr. Guo broke the news about the Whistleblower Movement, and established the New Federal States of China, the Himalayas,  this is an opportunity that God has given our Chinese people, and a window is open ed. The next step depends on the actions of each of our compatriots and choices, and everyone will eventually have everyone’s blessings.

Dear comrades-in-arms, today’s live broadcast is here, thank you very much for watching, we will see you next time!

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