CCP Virus Ep305-306-video: The CCP bribed the WHO with BGY

  • On November 26, YTO Express was exposed that its employees had sold 400,000 users’ personal information at unit prices ranging from 0.3 to 1.0 yuan. According to the media, users’ information collected through express service is traded on the internet, involving many large express companies such as STO Express, Deppon Express, and Yunda Express, etc.
  • The CCP bribed the WHO with BGY; and the WHO cooperated with the CCP manipulating the media to cover up the truth that the virus originated from the CCP’s laboratory. (Note: BGY stands for Blue, Gold and Yellow. Blue represents Internet and Media Control; Gold represents money and bribery is used to buy influence; Yellow represents the use of honey traps to compromise espionage targets.
  • The CCP implements 3F plan against the United States by means of BGY. The 3F plan means to disrupt America, to weaken America, and to kill America. Biden is being used as a pawn by the CCP to control the US. 
  • The government of Chongqing starts to implement property tax on individuals gradually, further reaching out to people’s pockets.  It’s commented: it’s a joke to purchase real estate in China.  Firstly, real estate is overpriced.  Secondly, land use rights are not privately owned.  Thirdly, house ownership is limited to 70-year term.
  • (Liz Yore, on Pope Francis meeting with NBA players, 11/23) Twitterverse calling it the sell-out to China conference between the NBA and the Pope. They’re calling the friends of the CCP meeting in Vatican.  It’s really an insult to the persecuted Chinese, when their very spokesman Zen couldn’t get five minutes with Francis. We know what happened to general manager Daryl Morey of the Houston Rockets who dared to criticize what the CCP was doing in HK so this put the center of the Pope’s alliance with the CCP…so you have to watch how he operates.”
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