Condensed Summary of Mr. Mask’s Show (12/03/2020)

Translated by Himalaya CT-KY
Edited by Himalaya CT-64 Himalaya, Antsee-GTV
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Editor: Himalaya CT-V

Dear comrades in arms, everyone, I am Mr. Mask

1. Today is a big day. President Trump delivered a blockbuster speech on election fraud at the White House. He called it is the most special and the most important speech in his history.  President Trump made it clear that the Democratic Party and CCP rigged this election. They used the new crown virus epidemic to send tens of millions of mailed ballots (artificial fake votes), and directed this election fraud. When President Trump was talking about the general election, he basically said the same thing as Miles Guo said. Six months before the election or even earlier, Mr. Guo said that the election would end in a comical way. At mean time, attorney Lin.Wood shouted to Beijing today: “You cannot take our freedom, and we will not let you take our country”. Attorney Powell and Lin.Wood held a joint press conference on the same stage. Seeing the truth in sympathy and adversity. This is the moment that President Trump need support the most and the United States most in need of justice. The audience’ echoed loudly, and the people turned to Trump.

2. The recordings of a leader of the American left media-CNN of meetings in recent months were revealed. These recordings involved how to use the media to suppress President Trump. It thoroughly exposed this American media’s skeleton in the closet. Their editing and reporting principles are not for ordinary people who seek the truth. It serves for specific political forces. This is a great gift to the New Federal States of China, GNEWS and GTV, and no one can change it. Peter Navarro once again mentioned that the virus released by CCP, and it affected the US economy. Yesterday’s live broadcast by Miles Guo talked about the cultural industry as the backbone of the US GDP, and the U.S.’ cultural industry export is the largest in the world. But if you continue to work with CCP, the United States will be destroyed, the best institutional model of democracy and legal system, and the Statue of Liberty will also collapse. The actions of President Trump, Attorney Lin.Wood, Attorney Powell and Mr. Giuliani are no coincidence. They are fully prepared for the next movement. No matter what happens next, don’t be surprised. Of course, Miles Guo also said that even if martial law occurs, it has not yet reach the final moment. It can be seen that this drama is really very big. The people and the power involved will also exceed everyone’s imagination.

3. President Trump talked about the latest developments in large-scale election fraud and irregularities in his speech today. This general election is comically long. From election day to election week, election month. A lot of bad things happened during this funny time, but he will guard the US Constitution and laws and resolutely defend the electoral system. Speaking of the elections being under organized attacks and siege, Biden was told not to worry about elections, campaign rallies, or canvassing votes. Someone had already done it for Biden. President Trump said that all of these is very strange. The Democratic Party has rigged the election from the very beginning. They used the epidemic, the virus which came from China originally as an excuse to send tens of millions of mailed votes. It largely contributed this fraud. The whole world is watching this fraud, and now the most excited one is the CCP. The United States must ensure that the procedures prescribed by the constitution continue, safeguard the authenticity of the election, and ensure that only every legal ballot is counted and all illegal ballots are eliminated. This is not only related to the dignity of 74 million Americans, but also to enable Americans to trust this election and have confidence in future elections.

President Trump used a word that Mr. Guo has been said many times: “Funny,” and this is self-evident with Miles Guo, the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal States of China. Then, President Trump said that the current election is under organized attacks and siege, indicating that the election fraud was organized and premeditated, which is consistent with the series of speeches and evidences presented by Attorney Lin.Wood and Powell. It also shows that the Trump team has made preparations in advance, and there are already real evidences that CCP affects the election. Moreover, today, President Trump said that the emergence of the virus is directly related to this election. Who in the world has said that CCP will use the virus to interfere in the US election? Miles Guo.

4. About ten months ago, Miles Guo talked about the virus interfering in the U.S. election in a video. He said in the video (recorded in Miles Guo’s original words):” I give an example to the Americans, I say and you remember, I know the Communist Party too well, and I know what tricks Wang Qishan will do. He always believes in one thing which his always beliefs and ideals: I will make good use of the pendulum effect of your internal politics in the United States. Whether I delay it or deceive it, it must be your internal problem. The Iraq War, the Iran War, the North Korean War, and even SARS spread worldwide,then the President of the United States stepped down and I would come again. I say that because they(CCP) have never lost, and they will always make good use of the so-called disaster crisis awareness, looking for opportunities in crisis, and your crisis is my opportunity, and I will always let you in risk. I say this time, why did I say that the Communist Party will be finished, because U.S. did not know under what circumstances the United States will be exploited by you, and under what circumstances the US crisis will become your opportunity, but this time is completely different because the Americans realized it. For the Americans, you have the 2025 plan, you have One Belt and One Road, you have 2035, you have 2049, and you have the ambitions of military exercises in China, Russia and Iraq.”

5. Attorney Lin.Wood also gave a heavy speech today. In his speech, he shouted to his opponents that when the United States had once again come to the founding of the nation in 1776, no one could take away Americans’ freedom. Americans would fight for freedom. Americans shouted to Beijing in Wells Park, and they will never let you occupy our country! With the protection of Americans, you will never succeed! This is America! You found the wrong opponent! At the same time, at the same place, attorney Powell said that some people are doing their best to spur President Trump to step down. They will use all dirty, evil, and illegal means to achieve this goal. This is absolutely pure evil. The funds behind it came from the CCP. Internet white hat hackers (cyber security experts) saw the open back door in the system. There were people from Iran, the CCP, Hong Kong and Serbia (control system). She talked about not knowing how many countries are trying to influence the U.S. election, which must be stopped immediately.

Therefore, today President Trump, Attorney Lin.Wood, and Attorney Powell all mentioned the greatest enemy of the United States to varying degrees: Beijing, CCP, and communism are the greatest threats to the United States.

6. In an interview with Fox two days ago (12.1), Pete Navarro talked about the disconnect between the soaring stock market and a potential structural problem in the United States. What he has been very worried about is the structural changes in the economy, the CCP virus. It can be said that it was specifically designed to spread to our main metropolis and attack the main pillars there, whether it’s public transportation, large office buildings or restaurants and entertainment centers in those cities. Many service industries have to rely on unemployment subsidies to survive. The Trump administration has been pursuing the creation of job opportunities in the manufacturing industry and bringing jobs back to the country. He believes this will be the key to entering 2021.

In this world, no matter what the outcome of the U.S. election goes, there is a problem that can never be avoided. It is the recession caused by the CCP virus to the world economy. The ultimate culprit must be found out. The economic recession has not yet fully manifested. The CCP virus crime’s accountability has not yet come. Mr. Guo has already said that the virus itself has not yet ended, so the extent of the impact of the virus on the economy is far from known. Seeing Europe may be miserable now, and it may be even worse in the future. When that happens, there is a stronger need to find out a reason, the source of the virus and the truth. The CCP is in the same situation now. Because of the prominent social contradictions and sharp social contradictions, it has to fight Taiwan, engage in Hong Kong, divert attention, engage in populism, hate Japan and the United States, and tie 1.4 billion Chinese people into chariots to challenge the world. Therefore, it is not only need the CCP to divert attention, but CCP will definitely pay the bloody price for the releasing of the virus. This loss to the world cannot be pulled down like this. Today Navarro said that the virus has brought about a recession, and other countries will say the same thing in the future.

7. Reuters News reported that President Trump will sign the bill, and the US Congress passed legislation to set a higher threshold for Chinese companies to list in the US. Now many companies related to the Chinese military have been sanctioned, and not only with the military, all Chinese companies may be sanctioned. The White House stated that Trump is expected to sign a bill that would delist Chinese companies from the US stock market, which is equivalent to decoupling. Why is the U.S. pushing so much resistance? Miles Guo has already said that it is just how important it is to withdraw the industrial chain, and Navarro said that we will move most of the US companies back to U.S. Do you understand the core behind this sentence? It is CCP that kidnapped American companies. For example, if President Trump wants to sanction a certain company, the Americans will also shed half of their blood. This is the trick of CCP. If you cooperate with CCP, you will be infected with its virus, and you will become a community with it. Therefore, it is very important for the Americans and their assets to withdraw quickly before the US sanctions fall down. Look again, there is a news report from Reuters that the Trump administration’s investigation of companies associated with the Chinese military has found large American companies. It is possible that many Chinese companies do not have the support of the United States, and many funds from the United States are directly or indirectly invested in CCP. Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, what is so powerful is that I did bad things, you dare not to say, because when you hit me then you hurt yourself. So once Navarro said that the transfer and relocation of the industrial chain is completed, the next sanctions will be rolling thunder and pass. CCP’s most powerful trick is kidnapping. Then look at Miles Guo’s strategy, how important it is to separate the Chinese from the CCP. This is definitely super wisdom. Everything that happened today is the best verification of what Miles Guo and the Whistleblower Movement said in the past.

8. In another Reuters report, US officials said that there are over one thousand Chinese researchers had been withdrawn, and Chinese agents has been targeted the Biden team. From this news, we can know that the current investigation of all CCP party members has unknowingly carried out a lot of effort in the United States, but some will report, some will not report, the war has actually started. What is a Chinese researcher? It’s actually an agent. The number of who are involved is so large and the scale is so large.

9. O’Keeffe, the founder of the ” Project Veritas” website, recently broke the recording of an internal CNN meeting involving President Zucker, news commissioner Ganger, and producer Becker discussing how to use news platforms to suppress Trump’s suspicion of election fraud. They discussed cannot give Trump a voice to too much of a platform on his not conceding the election results. Mentioned that the Democratic camp can push the transition forward, and they even mentioned that if the handover is not smooth, the 9/11 terrorist incident may repeat itself. In the “911 Committee Report” that year, it was stated that the presidential transition period is a fragile period for the United States. Because the security personnel changes of the two governments will cause insecurity to the stability of the country. And CNN has issued a report on the 10th accusing the Trump administration of delaying the transition of power, posing a threat to national security. O’Keeffe made it clear that CNN is not an independent media, and that more CNN internal recordings will be released in the near future. Did you guys see it? Not only officials but also private individuals, righteous forces are emerging like surging waves. So is it possible that only CNN will be like this (discussing how to restrict President Trump’s voice?) I think it must be more than that.

10. Let’s take another look at the interview with Fox Lou Dobbs, Congressman Jim Jordan. Jim Jordan has always believed that the country must maintain fair elections, and he found many coincidences. Jordan is currently a senior member of the Congressional Judicial Committee and a member of the Congressional Oversight Committee. Lou Dobbs asked Jordan how does he think of an attorney general who had sleepwalked for 40 days, and suddenly came out to announce the appointment of Durham as a special adviser as early as October 19? Jordan replied that the attorney general now said that he had found new evidence. He wanted to see what the evidence was. It is a good thing to appoint Durham as a special adviser, but why he did not announce it before the election? At he also said that he had never seen so many unthinkable things in an election. Four weeks later, California and New York are still counting ballots. If the United States sends observers to any other countries’ general elections and sees that the votes are still being counting ballots four weeks after the election, they will definitely tell them, tell the United Nations that this is not possible, and that sanctions should be imposed, such as not giving aid, but today has become acceptable in the United States? He said he had never seen so many sworn testimonies revealing problems and the voting machines in Georgia were seized. In addition, there are many important facts. For example, the current president won 10 million more votes than in 2016. In 150 years, no current president has lost an election with an increase in votes. President Trump raised votes in all Hispanics and African Americans. They won all of the 27 re-elected seats in Congress, and they almost become the majority in Congress with only need five more votes. The strangest thing is here. President Trump actually lost to a campaign rally who only drew 6 circles and only 5 people attended. This is incredible. All resources must be exhausted to find out the truth and solve the mystery.

Comrades in arms, this series of abnormalities is just the tip of the iceberg, and there are more that have not been made public, and should not even be known to the public or opponents prematurely. So, a lot of what we can see are just superficial phenomena. The real swords, guns, swords, and bloody winds are all behind this. For example, with regard to the German server, it is said that there are still conflicts and casualties. An election has mobilized so many forces to compete behind the scenes. It is unprecedented.

11. On February 28, 2018, Mr. Guo talked about why the CCP must be eliminated in a video. At that time, Mr. Guo mentioned that there may be a war and the other is the plague. That is saying, what does CCP want to do. Miles Guo has absolute intelligence and knew it very early.

(Recorded by Miles Guo’s original words) ” All the changes in China’s history are related to two things: The first thing is that when all empires and emperors perish, the inflation and the currency depreciated more than 10,000 times. This was mostly the case in Chinese history and Western history. Mostly so. The second and most important thing was judicial corruption that ordinary people couldn’t stand. As far as the safety of ordinary people is, there is no chance of survival, judicial corruption. At this time, it may be a war or a plague due to external causes, and the people can no longer live. This is the beginning. I think China now has the biggest historical opportunity. The economy has changed from the past to a ruling group, a group of gangsters, and the fundamental basis for sealing the mouths and eyes of the Chinese people and acquiescing to such violence and pirates is changing. The economy is terrible for sure. Second, the environment of the Chinese people governing the country according to law and the legal system are so bad. It can’t get worse, and the people can’t live. Another incentive, the North Korea incident, the worsening of Taiwan and Hong Kong, and the adjustment of the US strategic policy will bring China a real opportunity for change.”

Did your comrades hear? Judicial corruption, think about the corruption of Meng Jianzhu’s entire Political and Legal Affairs Commission, this kind of abnormality, there are plagues, and external wars. The virus and elections mentioned by President Trump today. He connected the virus with the fate of the United States today, and the virus with the chaotic situation in the United States today. The origin of all this is CCP. What will happen next? Continuing to talk about the trade agreement and sign 2 contracts? The Twitter accounts of Attorney Lin.Wood and Powell were blocked by Twitter for posting links to watching today’s press conference. It seems that today’s press conference heralds a major action within the United States. Through all these live broadcasts today, the most intuitive feeling is: President Trump has been suffered so much (by injustices, blows) and he can still be so calm, and the voice he makes is full of power but not radical, and it seems President Trump has been transformed. Next, let’s watch at the actions of the United States. Even bigger things may happen before Friday. Friends, everything has started !

Okay, thank you all comrades for watching! Today’s burst is over. See you next time!

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