Two Different Life Paths – Part 1

There are two types of life paths prevalent in the whole world today, planned life and unplanned life; and the consequences of them are completely different. Due to the historical reason, many people are the only child of the family, but the one-child policy did cause lots of social problems. The only child is the centre of the family and it is pretty much likely that he or she is brought up by six adults who are the parents and grandparents of both sides, so they devote themselves to care and spoil this only child. It is understandable, but the side effect is that the child is being raised to be the little king of the family and is going to develop lots of bad habits. The only children are very self-centered and are used to indulging themselves. Since they can do and get whatever they want, they tend to be bossy, luxurious and wasteful. These little kings enjoy the wealthy arrogance in an environment where they don’t have to do anything at home except hard study. This is the childhood’s paradise.

The real trouble comes when they grow up and join the society. The high degree of self-centeredness developed at home contributes to their destined failure in their career and maybe business; their bad habits of being luxurious and wasteful reinforce their failure in the grown-up world. When two kings form a family, things become even worse since nobody is willing to compromise in the marriage life, so such a marriage is doomed to be conflict-ridden, difficult and painful, which is the mid age’s battle field.

Each generation of little kings is raised the same way, and when the third one come on the earth, the first generation goes into their miserable old age. The second generation’s entire focus is on the third, how can they pay attention to their parents, the first generation?  As a result, with poor elderly care system in China, many senior citizens die alone, which is the old age’s graveyard.

Above is the status quo of Chinese people, the West is a little bit better, but the main stream’s overall life path goes downhill with overconsumption. This gives rise to a large number of social problems, which is also a worldwide problem, in which all kinds of social and family problems are intertwined and interlinked. Do we all feel the same way? How to solve these problems? Please stay tuned for our next episode and we are going to talk about another life path with true happiness explored by our wise ancestors who have solved all the problems thousands of years ago.


Author: Lily 阳光小曦

Translator: Squirrel

Original opinion article by Himalaya Gfarm Vancouver – 2020/12/04

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